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Rs 20,000 crore scam brewing in TNCC Trust under Sonia and Rahul Gandhi watch alleges veteran journalist S Gurumurthy

Chennai: Veteran journalist and current editor of the Chennai-based Thuglak magazine S Gurumurthy has alleged that a multicore scam is brewing in the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (TNCC) Trust which has properties worth Rs 20,000 crore.

Gurumurthy took to social media platform Twitter and through a series of tweets raised questions on the functioning of the TNCC Trust:

  1. National Herald Scam II brewing. Tamil Nadu congress committee trust has properties worth 20k crores. Annual income Crores. Kanishk Singh Rahul Gandhi’s right hand has taken over the trust documents and accounts. What are trustees like GK Vasan and Jayanthi Natarajan doing.
  2. None of the trustees seem to be aware of the accounts. The trust was built by Ramnath Goenka and Kamaraj after the famous 1958 Avadi congress yielded huge money with which properties were bought. The state congress has become like National Herald. Has only properties. Not party.
  3. So it is an untenanted asset being taken over by usurpers. We are investigating. 
  4. Motilal Vohra who can’t read a number is a trustee and Kanishk Singh controls the TNCC trust. The scam is 10 times the National Herald fraud.

Following the first rounds of allegations on social media S Gurumurthy turned up the heat on the revelations on TNCC Trust:

  1. Mr GK Vasan spoke to me just now & said after he left the Congress 6 years back he is not aware of what was happening in the trust. Sonia seems to have appointed new trustees to carry out National Herald II type of operation. Matter getting worse. 
  2. Will the trustees Sudharshan Nachiappan, Kesavan and Chakravarthy explain what is happening to the 20 k crore worth property, why instead of TNCC executive appointing trustees Sonia Gandhi appoints trustees.
  3. TNCC property fraud more info from the horses mouth. All trustees were summoned to meet Rahul in 2009 & instructed them to sign something. A trustee out of the country wrote to Rahul to express concern about the Trust & want to discuss the matter. Rahul didn’t respondGurumurthy asserted that, “Rahul who defrauded Rs 2000 crore National Herald property fraud, seems to be repeating it to grab Rs 20,000 crore TNCC Trust properties. Sonia seems to be abetting it by appointing new trustees to achieve it. Like in the National Herald case it is again mother and son duo.


Savio Rodrigues

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