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Sadhus found beheaded in Madhubani District, Bihar


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On 20th April, two Sadhus Hiranand Das, 65 years old from Siriya in the Bosopatti police station area and Anand Mishra 45 years old from Bhagwanpur Area, both were found to beheaded in Dharohar Mahadev Temple, Madhubani District, Bihar.

 How were they murdered?

Both Sadhus were sleeping outside the Dharohar Mahadev Temple and at 12 in the night they were beheaded with a spade by a man called Dilip Choudhary who is said to be mentally unstable by the locals.

 Dilip Choudhary’s name was taken by Chief Priest Narayan Das as an eyewitness. Chief Priest Narayan Das told the police that a man named Dilip Choudhary from Harlakhi village attacked the priests with a spade and slit their throats, he threw away the bodies under a stack of hay and heads were found near the boundary of the walls of the temple.’’

 On being asked by the police why did not Narayan Das interfere or try to stop the man, he said he was scared for his life.

 In charge of the case, SHO Anjesh Kumar confirmed that both Sadhus were murdered by the spade and they have recovered the spade from Dilip Choudhary’s house and raids are underway. The bodies have been sent for post-mortem.

 As per reports published in Dainik Jagran, the police have arrested Dilip Choudhary for the murder and suspect that he wanted to extract some information for donation money however locals suspect something much more could have happened.

 Locals confirmed the Sadhus were good people and had no altercations with anyone.

There have been similar murders before in Madhubani district where a man was stabbed however he saved himself but police did not register any complaint. The murders and crimes will only increase if the police don’t act strictly. Thefts have also been reported in this area but police don’t take any action, ground reports suggest.

Increasing crime rate in Bihar

The rising number of Brutal Murders happening in Bihar is something to be looked at. There seems to be no control looking at the incidents that have been happening and the silence of the Mainstream media and Politicians is shocking. Are we not capable of protecting our own Dharma Gurus?

Let’s not forget Palgarh Mob Lynching

The horrific night of 16th April 2020 in Gadchinchale village in Dhanau Taluka of the tribal-dominated Palghar district where two Sadhus, Mahant Kalpavruksha Giri (70years), Sushilgiri Maharaj (30years), and their car driver Nilesh Yelgade (30years) were lynched by a mob in front of police officers who did not even try to save the Sadhus and watched them die. Viral videos have shown that the Sadhus were asking for help with folded hands from the police but the police personnel did not even bother. It is also said a senior leader of NCP was present there.

 In the Video’s background that shows the Sadhus being lynched, voices can be heard saying ‘Dada has come’ referring to Kashinath Choudhary a party worker from Sharad Pawar’s party NCP.

 Then Home Minister of Maharashtra Anil Deshmukh who is now being probed by CBI for running an extortion racket of 100 crores in Mumbai resigned for being an accused in the same, did not initiate a probe in the Palgarh mob lynching case as he wanted to save Kashinath Choudhary, reports suggest.

 The Sadhus were taken into custody by the police and were made to sit there. After some time people started gathering around the police station and the saddest part is the police gave away the sadhus to the mob.

 It is said that people thought the Sadhus were thieves as there were thefts reported around that area during the lockdown time last year, if so then why murder them and why hasn’t a proper probe been launched? The police and Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackery said there were rumours that the sadhus were kidnapping children then what can the police do about it.

So was the lynching based on rumours?

Arrests took place of 101 people and 9 minors in the Palghar case. Palghar district collector assured that an enquiry would have happened on the police officers present there however the real culprits are still being hidden.

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