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‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ is a demonic intent of a deranged mob


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We must rise above the hate. Hate will only beget hate.

The rise of the ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ mobocracy in India is alarming and distressing.

India is seeing such maniacal behaviour often heard about in regressive Islamic nations or in countries where degenerated Islamic radical minds have spread their wings.

The sloganeering ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ which literally means ‘We will decapitate your head’ is barbaric to say the least. However, it is even more upsetting when you try to understand the diabolic intent of the mob. It is not a just a slogan, it is a call for the deranged Islamic radicals to act on.

Insulting Islam and its Prophet is a trigger that unleashes a Zombie-like behaviour in Islamic radicals. This maniacal behaviour has been witnessed all over the world. Immensely disturbing is the truth that it is not an abnormal behavioural trait witnessed only in adults, even children from a young age behave like Zombies mouthing ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’.

Islam and its believers claim to be a religion of peace. Unfortunately, its radicalised believers are hell-bent on turning it into a religion of piece.

There is no need to insult a religion or even question the tenets of a religion, unless it interferes or hinders the practice of your religious beliefs. Religion is personal. Religion is community-driven. And must always be within the confines of your home and your community. Therefore, any one insulting Islam or its prophet; Hinduism and its Gods, Christianity and Jesus, even if the topic raised could be the truth, it is downright stupid because it a matter of the faith of the believers of that religion not for someone from another religion to question or mock.

Religion leads to conflict. Conflict leads to violence.

It has now become fashionable to insult a religion and stir communal tension in India with the justification that our religion was insulted first, therefore, we are within our boundaries to insult the person’s religion who insulted our religion.

Religion teaches us that religion came into existence by God interacting with humans and God gave humans the tenets to live their life by. Religion also teaches us to find the God within us and around us.

Sadly, some religions through their interpretations profess to teach us to find God, many a times people end up fraternising with the Devil instead of God.

The spread of Islamic radicalism in India is frightening. Islamic radicals have only one-agenda to convert nations into Islamic nations to be ruled under the Shariah Law.

The rising incidents of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ protests in some parts of India is an archaic strategy of the Islamic radicals to spread fear in the society. Over the years, Islam has spread across the world because of fear and the sword.

The beheading of Kanhaiya Lal and the numerous cases reported of beheading and violence by the ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ mob in India and across the world is a strategy to spread fear amongst the Muslims and against people of other faith.

Being true to their human nature, most people, irrespective of their religion, prefer to avoid violence and conflict. Therefore, they become easy preys for the Islamic radicalised mobs. So, much so that they become immune to the fear and subjugation that the Islamic radicalised mobs get further embolden.

India is at the crossroads. Islamic radicalism is a virus. If as a nation we allow this virus to spread it will consume our humane and cultural ethos. We seeing glimpses of the nature of the virus in India. It is turning the Muslims into zombies with no-existence of a rational mind.

Indian Muslims will not be immune to the Islamic radicalism virus. The casualties of the spread of the ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ mob will be the Muslim community not only Hindus, Christian or Buddhists.

Sane Muslims must be the voice against these insane Muslims. If insanity prevails then good Muslims will be branded as insane Muslims. This will make life for the Muslims in India troublesome, as seen in some parts of the world, where innocent Muslims get targeted on account of the behaviour of the radicalised Islamists. And in the din over Muslims being marginalised because of the actions of the radicalised Islamists, the accusatory behaviour put forth by people from other religions affected because of the Zombie-like behaviour of radicalised Islamist, will only intensify. People will start hating the Muslims. They will be treated like a plague that needs to avoided.

For communal harmony to prevail, humanity must prevail. Humanity is above all religions. We must not lose sight of our humanness.

Indians must rise above the hate. Hate degenerates the human soul. Religion-driven hate not only degenerates the soul, it also cripples the mind to think rationally.

‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ is not only a slogan. It is a warning that is going to be acted on. Indians must rise up to defeat Islamic radicalism. It is real and it is spreading across India. We do not need another Kashmir but we will certainly get more than one Kashmir in India, if we do not act immediately.

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