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Servant, accomplices loot 50 lakhs from businessmen’s home in Ajmer


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A loot of 50 lakhs was reported from the house of Ajmer explosives firm Jindal & Jindal’s owners, Anil Jindal and Sunil Jindal. The theft took place at their home at Wednesday night and the culprits were their own servant and two of his accomplices. Jewellery and cash worth Rs. 50 lakhs were looted by the thieves, after the servant treacherously mixed intoxicants in the food of Anil and his mother, Gunwanti Devi, and locked the house to commit the crime with the help of the other two.

Gunwanti Devi is in a critical condition after having the intoxicated food, and is admitted in the city’s JLN Hospital. The incident has created an atmosphere of fear among the people living in the area and the local police have begun with their probe. The servant and his two accomplices have been recorded talking in the CCTV camera after the theft.

Jindals’ family has stated that the youth, Krishna, was appointed as domestic help at their home just two weeks ago, who had told the Jindals that he belonged in South India.

On Wednesday, at around 9 PM at night, hearing noises from the Jindal house, a relative of the victims named Khushi tried opening the door but she found it to be locked from the inside, and after she called out to the Jindals, she heard the sound of a glass breaking. After which she saw the servant Krishna and two others running away after breaking the glass of a door. And as Khushi called out to them, one of the thieves tried attacking her.

In order to protect herself, she ran away to the neighbours’ home and informed them, and after the neighbours reached the Jindal home, they saw Gunwanti Devi lying unconscious, and things lying all around the room. Jewellery boxes were found to be empty and Anil was found in an unconscious state as well. Both of them were then rushed to the hospital and are currently undergoing treatment.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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