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Sitting for 8 hours weakens memory, standing for 3 hours increases longevity


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Sitting for hours at a stretch in offices has become an everyday affair in offices, no matter whether it is working from the office or working remotely, and adults are spending up to 8 hours sitting in one place without any movement. And now, the people’s brains are being affected because of sitting for many hours. This leads to the weakening of memory, due to which many a times, people forget important things.

It has been revealed through recent research that people who keep on sitting for long hours need to keep standing for around 3 hours in a day, which also increases longevity. As per the study, standing helps reducing blood sugar levels, the danger of heart ailments decreases, and such people face less stress and tiredness as compared to people who keep on sitting for 8 hours or even more.

Maillard Howell from New York’s Global Wellbeing Lead has said that sitting for hours at a stretch impacts mental health and memory adversely with time. Standing can help you to fight the factors of neural aging, for instance, the disturbance in the medial temporal lobe, which is the region of the brain which determines your memory. Apart from this, sitting for long hours affects the blood flow in all parts of the body, and with the improper flow of blood to the brain, there gets created a lack of oxygen and nutrients in the brain cells.

Sitting for long stretches also affects our legs, and sitting in one position for long can even lead to leg disabilities.

In order to maintain the health of the brain, every one should get up and walk for 2 minutes after every half an hour, which leads to the increase in the blood flow to the brain, and the brain helps the individual to identify things.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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