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SSCE English Paper belittles life in Goa elevates living in Portugal

Panjim: In a shocking act of colonial hangover and attempt to brainwash young Goan minds, the SSCE English paper belittles Goa and elevates life in Portugal.

In a question which states, “Report what was said by Rayson to Kedan by using appropriate reporting verbs.” The sentences that needed to be corrected using appropriate verbs were:

  1. What are your future plans my friend? (Rayson to Kedan)
  2. I have applied for a Portuguese passport as there are few job opportunities in Goa. (Kedan to Rayson)
  3. You have taken the right decision. Without influence and money, it’s very difficult for Goans to get jobs in Goa. (Rayson to Kedan)

In another question stating ‘Change the Voice’. The sentence is as follows: Corruption has affected Goans in Goa.

Goa was a Portuguese territory till 1961. Some Goans continue to live under the dual-benefit of opting for a Portuguese visa to seek jobs in Europe and also have an Indian passport to continue to enjoy in Goa.

In fact some Goans (especially Goans living abroad) have been claiming that Goa is a not a part of India but Portugal and Goa must be freed from India.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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