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Suicide of a 15-year-old boy, Arvey Malhotra has shocked the nation. The boy was harassed in school for over his sexuality, mother repeatedly complained that were ignored by school authorities  


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Arvey Malhotra studied in Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad, jumped off his residential building on 24th February at around 9:15 pm when his mother (Aarti Malhotra) had gone to visit her husband, she was informed by a neighbor that her son had jumped off the building, by the time she arrived at the hospital, he was declared dead. A note was recovered from him, that had blamed the authorities and school for his death.  Arvey was being harassed so much in school that went into depression and underwent treatment as well for being harassed in school for his sexuality said Sube Singh, spokesperson of Faridabad police station. He rejoined the school due to exams and was still being harassed mentally. The authorities did not help instead stated that the boy’s mother had been troubling the authorities for simply seeking help for her son. He was dyslexic and when he asked for help from the headmistresses, she denounced him telling him he is taking advantage of his medical condition. 6 days after the incident Faridabad police has formed an SIT to investigate the case further which is being led by ACP central Satyapal Yadav, SHO of BPTP police station, officer from women police department along with a sub inspector. An FIR had been registered under IPC 306- abetment of suicide against the head of the school named in the complaint and the headmistresses was sent to judicial custody for further interrogation.

Aarti Malhotra (mother of deceased, Arvey malhotra) works in DPS greater Faridabad and she gave us a document of names of people who harassed her son but those students are no longer in our school said Mamata Gupta, Senior Academic coordinator.

After the incident, Principal of DPS greater Faridabad came out with a statement- “I feel sad that on of our students has left the school and this world under tragic circumstances, DPS is a supportive and sensitive school and kids are nurtured here. There is no harassment here. He was a very talented kid who was going to appear for exams and the school encouraged him and provided him with all the help he needed. Further stating the we want an impartial enquiry and an investigation must happen”

Arveys mother also gave an interview to a newspaper stating that her son was sexually harassed by a group of school boys in the school washroom for which she complaint both verbally and also via email. In response to her email, school said that some boys named in the complaint are no longer here in the school and further denying the involvement of other students.

Family and local people held a candle march to the police station asking for justice and immediate arrest of the accused.

Cases of boys being harassed in schools for being gay, has increased and still happen. Not much is said about, it doesn’t become the national headline, why? Because someones life is not important? Bullying takes place because people are not taught compassion, empathy in schools. Theres’s lack of awareness and in some cases these bully’s project their emotions on who they think are weaker than them. Cases of boys/men telling their ordeal for being harassed verbally and sexually by men around them for being gay. Most of the boys couldn’t even complaint considering that being gay doesn’t make it rape. As a society we have lacked somewhere that we make people feel guilty of their own choices. To create an environment for people so that they can be free and open is something that people haven’t come to terms with. There is hardly any awareness except on social media.

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