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The Coronavirus Message to Xi Jinping: Happy Father’s Day!


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Not too long ago Coronavirus decide to speak with me in a no-holds barred interview. The interview went viral across the internet. People got to understand the complexity of the Coronavirus.

The coronavirus had a brief discussion with me yet again this morning on the occasion of Father’s Day. 

The coronavirus wanted us at the GoaChronicle (since no media has the courage) to take time-out to take it’s message to the world. On Father’s Day it wanted to send out a message to its father – Xi Jinping. 

As you all know, Xi Jinping is no ordinary man. He is the President of China. He is a powerful global leader. 

Xi Jinping has rejected that he is the father of the coronavirus. He simply stated that the coronavirus is an act of nature and not born in a lab at Wuhan.

His friend Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the World Health Organisation has been very helpful in covering up the birthmarks of the coronavirus linked to Xi Jinping and China.

Of course, nobody at this point of time in the world would want to be associated, with being responsible for the birth of the coronavirus because of the devastation it has caused across the world. And the coronavirus understands this bit but a child always longs for acknowledgement from its parent.

The denial by Xi Jinping has hurt the coronavirus because it believes it has done everything to please its father, even though it has never met its father in person.

 “I was left orphaned by the Chinese scientist in the Wuhan wet market. I learned to survive by infecting people. The more people I infected the more stronger I got. I just moved from one human to another effortlessly. On one my tours around Wuhan. I came across a travel agency. I saw these beautiful pictures of different countries – America, Italy, Spain, France and even India. I decided I wanted to be a traveller. I wanted to see the world. Experience different cultures and different hospitalities. The adventure spirit stirred in me. So I decided to travel,” cried the Coronavirus to me.

Today, it has spread across the world. It has infected millions of people and killed lakhs of people. And more importantly it has not stopped on its mission on which its father sent it on. 

The coronavirus believes it is has been a dutiful child. 

While the coronavirus understands that Xi Jinping and China needs to cover-up its birth due to the global implications and repercussions; it sometimes feel like an orphan even though it has a father and a birthplace; which is Wuhan, China.

‘I did not choose this life or this mission. I really don’t know where I have come from; all I know is that when I opened my eyes in November 2019 I found myself in a test-tube in a lab. All around me, cute-looking Chinese scientists were smiling and giving each other high-fives. There was sense of an achievement around me coming to life in a test-tube. I learned from the scientists around the lab, that Xi Jinping was my father. The truth was hidden from me at the start. But I found out who my father was.”

The coronavirus I was told plans to return to China because it is missing home; and it hopes it will be able to mingle with a lot of its fellow Chinese in the country. It left Wuhan too soon and did not get a chance to visit the other provinces in China. It is particularly interested in Beijing.

It also hopes that it would a get a chance to meet with its Father Xi Jinping.

Its message to Xi Jinping on Father’s Day is sweet and cute – “Happy Father’s Day. You might not want to accept me as your creation in the world today but someday the world will know that you are my father and creator. Until then I wish you well and I will see you soon.”

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