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The Gruesome Murder of Shraddha Walkar: No hearts of love but chopped body parts


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‘I love you to bits’ is an often-used phrase for lovers to describe their love for each other. But in the horrid case of Shraddha Walkar and Aftab Amin Poonawala, it was a deranged case of ‘I love you to chops’.

There is something beyond insane, bordering on a demonic nature in Aftab to execute this gruesome murder of Shraddha. He chopped her into 35 pieces after strangulating her and stored the chopped pieces of her body in a newly purchased fridge.

More disturbing is the brutal fact that he claimed to love Shraddha and therefore in the blindness of her love for him, she did not listen to her family and went to live with him.

Reportedly, Shraddha wanted to marry Aftab Poonawala. He, however, had other plans. One of the plans, as reported by some media outlets is that after killing Shraddha, Aftab minced her intestines. He was angry with her for her repeated questions about their impending marriage.

Aftab did not love Shraddha. Love is not heinous. His crime is beyond heinous. It is repulsive. It is scary that we have psychotics on the loose in the cities of India.

More disturbing is the lack of remorse in the man and the sheer diabolical mind to live with the woman you have chopped into 35 pieces in the same house and whose body parts you have stored in the fridge where you continue to keep the ice cream and other food items you consume.

Even more intriguing is that after brutally murdering Shraddha, Aftab continues to socialize with other women and also reportedly brings one to the house in which chopped body parts of Shraddha are still remaining.

Aftab is not insane or mentally disturbed. He planned out the murder meticulously. But fate was not on his side. The family that Shraddha shunned away in her blind love and the quest of the father led to the unraveling of this horrific and unthinkable crime.

Aftab is a Muslim. And over the recent months, we have seen reportage of several cases of Hindu women becoming victims of horrific crimes by Muslim men whom they claimed to be in love with.

There is also a rise in cases termed Love Jihad which is not a myth but a reality. It is a strategy of planned moves to lure Hindu and Christian women by Islamic radicalized men, befriend them, fall in love with them, marry them and convert them. And sometimes it also leads to the extreme where they are inflicted with torture and death.

I am not a believer in inter-faith relationships where religion dominates thoughts and actions, and not humanity. Inter-faith relationships and marriages are successful when humanity comes first and then one’s religion.

But the issue of Aftab and Shraddha goes beyond inter-faith relationships. It goes even beyond the horrid Love Jihad. It is simply a case of a psychopath, posing as a lover, intending to brutally murder his victim. Love was the bait. And Shraddha took the bait and fell for it hook, line and sinker.

To me, Aftab being a Muslim is a fact. Some media prefer to ignore this obvious fact. They want to hide his Muslim link. I cannot understand the reasons for their absurdities. He could have been a Christian, Hindu, or Atheist, but it does not change the truth about him that he is a cold-blooded psychopathic murderer.

I am certain there will be no justifiable reason for the murder, Aftab just killed her because Shraddha did not fit into his plans at that point in time and that is a diabolic mind. Aftab needs to be put away for a long time so that he does not harm anyone anymore.

Imagine the pain of her family. Their anguish, their distress. Shraddha left them in her madness over what she thought was love and walked to her death but her father cannot leave her. She is their child. They never stopped loving her, they will never stop loving her. Aftab on the other hand expressed his love in 35 different chops.

It is said that love can break your heart into many pieces but it is never said that love could chop your body into 35 pieces.

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