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The Item Neta

It’s 2020 and we still have elected representatives across party lines using different names to objectify women. The list is endless and the kind of names used by these elitist, privileged and smug Netas at public gathering is abominable, much to the amusement of their chamchas who revel in this below the belt jab at the stronger sex.

KamalNath – the former Chief Minister and MP is like a rolling juggernaut who needs to be sanitised from top to bottom for the kind of language he used in objectifying a woman candidate from the opposition party. He is the same Minister who has blood on his hands for the 1984 Sikh genocide calling Imrati Devi- a Dalit and a Former Minister “Item”.

He doesn’t have the temerity and grace to apologise the word he used to describe the stronger sex. On the contrary, he has been aggressive about it, unwilling to apologise for the unsavoury words he has used sending out a strong message to the larger populace of India that its ok to use such words to describe women.

This kind of behaviour stretches across party lines and its imperative that there needs to be a code of conduct for such Elected Representatives who think they are above the law and seem to get away with anything they say and do in the name of rousing the “Aam Janta”.

India has spoken about how there has been a massive public outcry on the word used by the Former Chief Minister and this is an issue which has not been taken in a light manner. He has been asked to apologise by his Party High Command which took a long time in asking him to do so, thereby exposing the hypocrisy which runs in the Grand Old Party of Congress.

This is a new Bharat which asks questions, doesn’t take no for an answer, believes in an inclusive India for all . In a nutshell- The Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign will just be hyperbole if the Elected Representatives don’t start walking the talk about respecting the stronger sex.

About the Author

Shekhar Vijayan is an Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Founder & CEO of Shevins Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Social Activist, Global Citizen, Tv Panelist and an Author. He has entertained, engaged, motivated and inspired in events of all kind from corporate to community. He has also conducted workshops on storytelling and public speaking for schools, colleges and Entrepreneurs. The former has a gift of the gab and is deeply passionate about fighting against Red Tapism, Nepotism, bureaucracy and abuse of power. He is a patriot who believes in nation first and is reachable on

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