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The ‘liberal’ and ‘communal’ bulldozers of India

Bulldozers have surely become the talk of the town all over the country; be it after the demolition of the illegal encroachments of rioters in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh or in Jahangirpuri in Delhi.

But what exactly is so special about the bulldozers of Delhi and MP that all the limelight is thrown on them and at the same time, nobody cares to talk about the bulldozers which demolished a 300-year-old Shiv temple in Alwar, Rajasthan; that too in the name of ‘development’?

On Friday, the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government of Rajasthan ordered the demolition of a 300-year-old temple in the Rajgarh area of Alwar citing its illegal nature and ‘development’. All of it happened while the locals continued to beg the administration, with joined hands, to stop the demolition which has led to the total destruction of the temple and shops and houses located in its vicinity. This has adversely affected the locals as they’re now left with no source of income and zero support from the authorities. Even the power supply was cut during the demolition cum ‘development’ drive!

Now, this is where the question of the stark contrast between the bulldozers of MP and Delhi and those of Rajasthan arises. When the illegal encroachments made by people from the Muslim community, who, very conveniently pelt stones at Hindus just because their religious procession entered the ‘Muslim areas’, attack police officials and civil administrators, stack bricks, stones and rods on their terrace to ‘strike at the right time’ and brandish and fire guns just because a Hindu religious song is ‘provocative’ to them, all of the left-liberal cabal comes out and cries wolf on how ‘poor and helpless’ Muslims are being attacked under a Hindu communal fascist regime!

But at the same time, when a similar thing happens with Hindus, everyone starts looking the other way. Talking to GoaChronicle regarding the matter, BJP MLA Gyandev Ahuja revealed how no prior notice was served, informing the residents of the demolition to take place.

It is amusing how rioters, who created mayhem across numerous states on festivals like Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti, attacked peaceful processions and pelted stones with the sole aim to injure the Hindu devotees, get all the support in the world even after attacking others in the name of religion and once they face the immediate consequences of their actions, the masquerade of the ‘Dara Hua Musalman’ comes into play and all their extremist wrongdoings are whitewashed.

I wonder if the ‘dara hua’ population is capable of initiating such brutal violence in the name of religion; what on earth will they do once they become ‘fear-less’?

At this point, I have two questions to ask, why is it that the Rajasthan government, only at this point in time, woke up all of a sudden and reached at the ‘consensus’ that for the sake of development, the Rajgarh temple had to be turned into rubble? Is it because the Gehlot-government wanted to compensate what happened to rioters and illegal encroachers in Delhi and MP with their action in Rajasthan? Was it some kind of a counter-attack?

At the same time, why is it that the bulldozers of MP and Jahangirpuri, which demolish illegal encroachments of dangerous rioters and anti-social elements ‘communal’; while those of Rajasthan ‘liberal’?

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