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The Single Source Conundrum!

It continues to be of great amusement to me to read Coronavirus reports in India talking about Single Source. 

I am not in the habit of camouflaging the truth but I cannot help but find it to be a rib-tickling hilarity.

Even our government is referring to the congregation that defied common sense in a time of social distancing and even an advisory to not congregate in large numbers as – Single Source.

I don’t know if it intrinsically a single-source trait but I do know defying advisories is not difficult and using common sense is difficult for the single-source.

It would explain the reason behind why it is so easy the brainwash some of the them to become terrorists. 

The stupidity of the single-source congregation is open-wide for the rest of the people of India and world to see. 

I don’t know if they have done it deliberately, out of sheer lack of common sense or defiance to a government advisory. But what one cannot deny is that the single-source is now responsible for close to 63 per cent of the coronavirus spread in most states in India.

Let me be also be blunt in stating that this single-source congregation is one of the most watched group by intelligence agencies across the world, because some of the members of this single-source congregation have been directly linked to terror-attacks globally.

This single-source congregation ought to have been banned in India years ago but our successive governments neither have the will or the raw gumption to deal with this group of highly dangerous people who hide behind the veils of their religion. Even in their own religion many consider them to be outcasts and orthodox. 

The single-source congregation in India have made it an intrinsic habit of play victimising at the drop of a fez. 

Their victimhood has tremendous support globally and also gets able-support from so-called human right activists in India.

The intriguing quality of most of the so-called human rights activist in support of the single-source congregation is that they turn blind to the atrocities on Hindus or Sikhs in India.

The problem with the single-source congregation is that they have exposed their selfish interests over the interests of the nation at a time of crisis, not once, several times. 

Not too long ago we saw a similar ruckus being created at Shaheen Bhag over the CAA, which had nothing to do with Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis or Single-Sources in India.

The single-source in my simple understanding is just defiant in their actions because they think that its the best way to corner the government who is globally perceived Pro-Hindu. The government in an attempt to score international brownie points will not take strong and strict measures against the single-sources.

The most funniest part in this entire shenanigans is the lack of intelligence, in some of the single-sources that are brainwashed by radicalised single-sources.

We are not dealing with CAA protests to put the government down on a mat but undertaking preventive measures during the time of the coronavirus pandemic that as humans with common sense and respect for life, we need to adhere too if we need to keep ourself, our families and our communities safe. 

The single-source either does not comprehend the important of the damage this virus can do in their lives or maybe in their blind hate and stupidity, they just don’t care. 

Some of the single-source people are so foolish, even now they do not understand that they do not need to hide those who attended the function at Nizamuddin Markaz in New Delhi but instead they need to save them and others by informing the healthcare officials and getting COVID-19 suspects quarantined.

I can only hope and pray that common-sense dawns on some of their religious and political leaders. Instead of stroking the communal fires, it would be wise to knock some sense into the brainwashed of minds of their single-source friends on the danger that lurks now and ahead.

The coronavirus does not care if you are a Hindu, Christian, Jew, Parsi, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Atheist, Satanist or Single-Source, it will latch on to you, then to your family, then to your community and then to your society. In the end you will be dead.

Single Source for the uninitiated refers to orthodox Muslim congregation Tablighi Jamaat.  The congregation held at Nizamuddin Markaz in New Delhi witnessed the participation of over 3400 Tablighi Jamaats from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the congregation at a time of social distancing, chose to meet in a large function, that has led to a huge spike in the coronavirus positive cases in India, accounting for 63 per cent of reported cases in most states in India.

I don’t think as a nation, any Indian irrespective of religion is Islamophobic. 

But this is not about a religion, this about common sense.

Because of the failure to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, many from the single-source congregation that attended that function in New Delhi are now infected with coronavirus and many more cases could come up in the days ahead.

I know every religion professes the simple truth that we all want to meet God but what’s the hurry and what’s the need take others with you. 

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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