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Thiya Jain, a rising chess prodigy at three


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Every child is special in some ways or the other, however, some children show exceptional talent at an early age, which puts them in a special league. The child’s special talent is also made by the collaboration of the environment in which he/she lives and her genes.

Thiya is a gifted child from the way she thought and acted. Her general level of activity and curiosity has been fairly high from the very beginning. She started talking and reciting poems, words etc earlier than her peers. While generally premature children lag behind in the early years, Thiya has been exceptional that she surpassed all her milestones better than those of her normal peers at this age. She used complex language and started reading too at a very early age. She always had a wide vocabulary and is able to use complex sentences.

At around 3 years of age, Thiya started imbibing the game of chess, which her siblings/parents would play in their pastime. She started recognizing the moves and picked the game very fast. She made the chess board her play area and the chess pieces, her friends. Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns helped her focus onto tiny chess pieces, when outside interactions were mostly prohibited. Once the lockdown was lifted, the parents decided to get her a formal training through Kuldeep Vhatwar, a reputed chess coach.

Kuldeep Vhatwar has won many awards and has been instrumental in identifying young talents, coaching them and helping them win national and international events. He is a FIDE (World Chess federation) certified national instructor.

Her Parents, both top executives in multinational companies, have been encouraging her and making sure that she gets the best training to pursue her interests. Shruti, her mother (Chief legal officer at Sterlite Power) said, “We wish our princess to be an independent thinker and chart out her path to happiness and explore the world. While she leads this journey, we would like to partner with her and support her wherever needed. We wish a bright future for our child”.

Shalaut, her father (Sr Vice President, M&A at Aris Infra) said, “We are blessed to have a gifted child in Thiya. We wish to provide her everything to make sure she succeeds in her endeavours”.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.


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