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Twitter has rolled out its new verification process


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In 2017, Twitter decided to take a long break from issuing the blue ticks as they couldn’t decide who should be entitled to get a verified Twitter to handle, raising concern about the authenticity and how someone can turn out to be notorious or supremacists. Now Twitter has restored its verification process with a whole new set of rules and guidelines and with a much stricter verification process. Twitter has verified many accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists, and public figures but stopped handing over the blue ticks in 2017. Reports also suggest that the ‘new process of verification’ came to light after Jason Keller organized a deadly white supremacist rally in Virginia, Jason Keller had a verified Twitter handle, Twitter discovered, Twitter faced a lot of criticism because of the blue tick on Jason Kellers Handle.

Over the past several months Twitter had been working to bring clarity to the verification process and to set up new eligibility criteria for the new process and the criteria have been shaped by public opinion. Twitter has enforced a policy wherein automatically the verified badges will be removed who do not meet the criteria. Blue tick badges of accounts that repeatedly violate the Twitter rules would be removed.


What are the criterias to qualify for verification?

Your account must be complete- with a profile picture, a name, and must have a confirmed email-id or a confirmed phone number. The account should be active within the last six months of your applying, also your account should have a record of adhering to Twitter policies in the past.

To qualify one must fit the following categories: 

  • News organizations and journalists
  • The company, brand (organization)
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and Gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential people


What will the process of applying for a blue tick look like?

Twitter has rolled out its new verification process -
Source: Twitter


After applying, a response can be expected within a few days however there would be a lot of flow of applications so it could take a little longer, said Twitter, further adding once an application is approved a blue tick will appear on your profile. In case of any mistakes from Twitter, an applicant can apply back after 30 days.

Read the new verification rules and about Ineligible accounts:


Twitter has around 199 million active users every day out of which 360,000 are verified handles. Over the next few weeks, twitter will roll out the icon to apply for the blue tick from the profile setting itself. However, it may be available already on few devices.

By the end of 2020, Twitter had announced that would be re-launching the account verification process in 2021 with new set of rules and guidelines.

Twitter says, in the future, they will introduce new ways to designate other kinds of Twitter handles which will include ‘automated handles’ providing useful information about COVID-19, warnings for earthquakes, or for those who use twitter aesthetically and creatively. Twitter will also make some changes for Twitter handles that are memorialized in terms of allocating them. The profiles will display more information about the users including what their interests are and if they are confirmed users or not.

Twitter has rolled out its new verification process -
Source: Twitter

Demand for getting a blue tick has always been high for many reasons. Some face issues of impersonation and request to get their accounts verified form, people who are influential like social activists who have a high reach also demand their accounts to be verified and for many having a blue tick is a social stature.

Twitter will also soon roll out the ‘’super flow’’ button to Twitter handles which will allow subscribers to pay for special access for exclusive content or newsletters, good news for those who will not get through the criteria requirements for a blue tick.

Last year in 2020, while answering public questions on wired jack Dorsey on being asked by a user ‘’how to get a verified Twitter to handle?’’ to which he joked and responded saying users can get verified by sending a direct message to Twitter’s head of product Kayvon Beykpur. B Byrne, Twitter’s product lead for profiles and identity said, I am hoping it will finally get people to stop sending me direct messages on Twitter asking me to verify their profiles.

Good luck to all who are applying and please meet the eligibility criteria.

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