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Ukraine crisis


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The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia’s intention is to disarm Ukraine and let the people select their leader

The Ukrainian President keeps asking anyone who listens that he needs more arms

If it were not for the casualties and destruction, I would call this the Tournament of Shadows as the Russian Empire described their 19th century confrontation in Central Asia with the British Empire

It seems closer to the so-called Russian roulette in which potentially fatal risks are taken being played by the West

NATO warns Putin to get the hell out of Ukraine, but will not withdraw its own weaponry and war materiel from Ukraine that provoked the Russian attack in the first place

The social media war reflects the kinetic action on the ground in Ukraine

The war of weapons is accompanied by a war of words

In a comment calculated to attract the charge of genocide, the Mayor of Kharkiv alleges that the Russian military is “intentionally trying to eliminate Ukrainian people”

This is serious stuff

I do not know if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have banned Vladimir Putin and his officials

In their second meeting, the decision by Russia and Ukraine to allow safe passage to foreigners trapped in Ukraine through a green corridor and to permit transport of relief supplies and medicines is a welcome agreement and demonstrates that a modicum of trust is back

Significantly, it was agreed by the two belligerents bilaterally, without intermediation

This is the first piece of good news in several days

They talked substantive issues – I have participated in talks about talks

The second reassuring information is that the Zaporizhzhia (zey-por-ziya) nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest, was “secured” after a warning that the Russian attack on it could cause “Chernobyl times 10” referring to the world’s worst recorded nuclear disaster in 1986

It is under the control of the Russian military, and the Russians have experience in handling nuclear plants

Zelensky wants to talk directly to Putin and says he does not want to repeat the battle of Thermopylae 2500 years ago in which 300 Spartans died while holding off a much larger Persian army (he does not know about the battle of Saragarhi 125 years ago)

He is alternatively angry with the West and then a supplicant

On the other hand, after a long telecon between the Russian and French Presidents, the latter warned that “the worst is to come in Ukraine” given what President Putin told him

NATO is going to conduct war exercises in Finland

Acknowledging Russia’s air superiority, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister tweeted a short while ago: Dear partners who still have not provided Ukraine with military aircraft: how can you sleep when Ukrainian children are under bombs in Mariupol, Kherson, Kharkiv, other cities?”

According to reports, Ukraine has scuttled one of its warships in the Black Sea

The QUAD (with the USA, two American allies, and India) met virtually on 03 March 2022 and Ukraine was discussed

QUAD’s enemy, it is said, is China, not Russia

My advice for President Volodymyr Zelensky: He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day

You must save your nation from devastation, for when the elephants fight it is the grass that suffers

This unnecessary tandav must stop

Abusing and sanctioning Putin and rich Russians to destroy Russian’s economy will not end the destruction in Ukraine

What a vast difference there is between the barbarism that precedes culture and the barbarism that follows it!

As fighting intensifies in Ukraine, is this the storm before the lull?

How long can the good people of Ukraine absorb this beating?

Depending on whom you ask, Volodymyr Zelensky is either a symbol of resistance or an emblem of destruction

Vladimir Putin does not want to absorb Ukraine because then NATO will be on his doorstep (via Poland, Hungary, Romania etc), what he is fighting this war to prevent

Think of how China appeared on our borders by gobbling up Tibet

Ukraine is culturally, linguistically, historically, ethnically, religiously, emotionally linked to Russia, so why this hostility?

Russia began in Kiev

Is this why Russia does not want to devastate Ukraine, only bring it back in line?

Zelensky says he will not talk to Russia despite sending a delegation to the Polish border for precisely this purpose

This is a sign either of obstinacy based on arrogance or of desperation

There is total lack of trust between the two sides

However, a ceasefire is essential

In any war, truth is always the first casualty!

It is replaced by fantasy and funny things grab media headlines

Hakeekat ji jagah aata hai afsana!

Ukraine says it has killed thousands of Russian troops and destroyed several military assets

Thank you for your balanced coverage

The mass media in the USA where I am at present is fully involved in demonizing Vladimir Putin through saturation coverage

On Day 8, the devastation in the central European War continues

The March of Folly is unending

Most TV channels in Europe, America and Asia have happily reported that Vladimir Putin’s bust has been removed from museums in Paris and London

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has released convicts with combat experience to help fight the Russian invaders and has banned male adults from leaving the country

He claims that an attempt by Chechen fighters to kill him has been foiled and that his forces have killed a Russian two-star General

There is a report that the Ukrainian National Guard is greasing its bullets with pig fat to frighten off the Muslim Chechen fighters sent by Russia

If this is true, it signals a new low

The fellow responsible should read about the first Indian War of Independence of 1857

These are signs of desperation

Sweden alleges that its airspace has been violated

Joe Biden against asks Volodymyr Zelensky to leave Ukraine – this might calm matters

Zelensky says he will not talk to Russia despite sending a delegation to the Polish border for precisely this purpose

This is a sign either of obstinacy based on arrogance or of desperation

There is total lack of trust between the two sides

Ukraine is suffering severe damage, and once the crisis is over, Western companies will get juicy contracts to rebuild it

Your coverage of the conflict has been excellent

The U.N. General Assembly has voted that Russia stop its offensive in Ukraine and withdraw all troops

General Assembly resolutions aren’t legally binding

Chanakya had said that all relationships are based on self-interest

Why does NATO want Ukraine as a member? To defend NATO from Russia?

Why does Ukraine want to be a member of NATO?

For a security guarantee against Russia

Why does Russia not want Ukraine in NATO?

For its safety and security against NATO troops and weapons at its doorstep

What does America want? Weaken Russia as much as possible

Seizing assets of rich Russian subjects is a new tactic

What does India and most other countries want?

A peaceful resolution of an unnecessary conflict that distracts the world’s attention from other overwhelming priorities such as the virus, climate change, terrorism, and economic recovery

India has sent relief supplies and medicines to Ukraine

We mourn the demise of an Indian student and are bringing our nationals back, even as other nations are busy abusing and criticizing

You must never humiliate your adversary, for you never know that he who is losing today will tomorrow be to win as Bob Dylan sang in the 1960s

The fight of the Vladimirs (the word means great, strong leader) should end with the exit of egos

Zelensky has sacked two provincial governors for being pro-Russian

He received a standing ovation from the European Parliament and then flexed his upper arms in a juvenile gesture of triumph

India’s position is consistent that an end to kinetic action should be followed by diplomatic negotiations

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was unable to go to Geneva for a UN Conference on Disarmament owing to overflight restrictions

He spoke virtually, and to add insult to injury, European diplomats walked out when he was speaking

The confrontation in Europe is between USA and the Russian Federation

Ukraine is a sideshow, that will suffer the most damage

No one expects nuclear war to break out, despite all the threats

The people of Ukraine are hurting and have descended on the streets

They have not seen such devastation since World War II, when millions fought for the USSR and the country saw a holocaust of the Jews

The present devastation is enormous

Ukraine crisis -


Deepak Vohra

Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra, Made in India,
Special Advisor to Prime Minister, Lesotho, South Sudan and Guinea-Bissau,
Special Advisor to Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Councils, Leh and Kargil, Gauri Sadan, 5 Hailey Road, New Delhi 110001.


I am not Indian because I live in India, I am Indian because India lives in me!

They said: Hide from the storm; I replied: I am the storm  

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