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‘Unisex clothing’ trends all across the globe


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‘Unisex clothing’ is trending these days, especially in the USA. Men are wearing clothes which were, till now, considered to be made solely for women. Earlier, this could be seen only at fashion shows under the themes of fusion or gender-neutral fashion, but now, the new generation is of the opinion that clothes do not have a gender, and as a result, unisex dresses are being sold in the market at a large scale.

A variety of unisex clothing has been introduced into the market by top brands like Victoria Secret, Louis Vuitton, and Tommy Hilfiger. Unisex shirts have been launched by brands like Burberry, Moschino, Versace, and Saint Laurent. Textile expert Michael Major has said that lace fabric was used to manufacture women’s innerwear, but now, it is being used to produce men’s clothes. In the 16th century, the lace fabric was made in Europe using flax and silk threads; 200 years ago, it was started to be used in the production of women’s inner-garments, and it became prohibited for men.

Clare Wilcox, senior fashion curator, Albert Museum, London, said that it is the initiative of some men that the lace fabric has, once again, been recognized as men’s wear. People’s mindset is changing, and men can now wear softer fabrics.

The trend of genderless fashion is gaining stronghold all across the globe, Europe and the USA being at the forefront of the movement. For instance, choreographer Jenil Mehta, in his dance videos, has been seen wearing a skirt many a times. Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, are raising their child with a gender-neutral approach. In Kerala’s Kozhikode, a school has introduced a uniform dress-code for both girls and boys. The school’s 60 boys and 200 girls now wear a blue pant and white shirt to their school.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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