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Unlocking the States with patience

India is a nation with 1.39 billion living on the land, a diverse nation in each aspect be it culture or religion or caste or fests. The nation from the inception has a stronghold on its eclectic culture that allows an individual to stay connected with the surrounding people in each way. Since the roots are very ancient, it becomes a bit tough to make people forget these cultures and rituals for some time even at the stake of life!

Since the elevated population with low geographical area depicts the real picture of India in the times of COVID, it is notable that the Centre along with the states ensure each individual to be safe and sound at their homes with at least a motive to protect their own life and altogether safeguarding the society as well.

As the nation sights the second deadly wave of the Wuhan virus, the Centre along with the states in the boundary are doing the most to ascertain a higher recovery rate and lower positivity rate.

We all know that the largest vaccination drive had begun on January 16 this year on the land celebrating the largest democracy of the world, it becomes important to pay heed to various aspects that the government in power works with.

A month back while addressing the meet on COVID second wave with all the state CM’s, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi informed all to make appropriate decisions for their state to ensure a higher recovery rate and lower virus positivity rate. He urged each CM to use lockdown as the last resort. Hence, considering it, to have control over the second wave of the deadly virus, many states across the boundary imposed partial lockdowns in their region.

The partial lockdowns were put on human outgoings and enterprises as well. As the vaccination drive across the nation ramps up speedily, now some loose thread is given to the states having a low number of cases comparatively.

Here are the details:

Sr noStates Lockdown tillRelaxationsRestrictions
1Delhi7th JuneManufacturing/production units in approved industrial areas, construction activities within work sites allowed
2Maharashtra15th June·       Essential shops to operate from 7 AM to 2 PM

·       E-commerce deliveries allowed

·       All govt offices to function with 25% attendance

·       Agro sector related shops to open on weekdays till 2 pm

·       No restrictions on cargo movements

·       Restriction on movement after 3 pm except for medical emergency

·        No customer to be served beyond permitted times

3GujaratNight curfew still continues·       Movement for medical emergencies allowed during night curfew

·       Chemist shops, milk parlors open during curfew

4Uttar Pradesh7th June·       Private firms allowed to work with limited attendance

·       Home delivery from restaurants allowed

·       Roadside eateries also allowed

·       Shopping malls, coaching centers, gyms, swimming pools, educational centers closed
5Kerala9th June·       Shops to open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday till 5 pm

·       Industries to open with limited workers

6Jharkhand3rd June·       Movement of people restricted without e-pass

·       Govt officials and private jobbers allowed to move

·       People visiting the state to follow 7-day home/institutional quarantine and those leaving the state within 72 hours are exempted

·       State secretariat to perform till 2 pm with 1/3rd staff.

·       Cinema, Theatre, Sports, gyms, swimming pools, stadiums shut

·       Indoor-outdoor congregations of more than 5 people prohibited

·       Inter/intra state businesses not allowed

·       Coaching centers, educational institutions to remain close.

7Rajasthan8th June·       Relaxation in commercial activities from 1st June in cities with improvement
8Punjab10th June·       Restrictions on number of passengers on vehicle lifted
9Himachal Pradesh7th June·       Shops to work for 5 days from 9am to 2 pm
10Nagaland11th June
11West Bengal15th June
12Tamil Nadu7th June

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