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USA mid-term election: Industrialists kind on Republicans, common people in Democrats


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The mid-term election to be held in the month of November in the USA is going to be the costliest election of history. According to estimates of non-profit organization OpenSecrets, 9.3 billion dollars (77, 000 crore rupees) will be spent on this election, which will be around 16, 000 crore rupees more than the expenditure made on the mid-term election of 2018, that time, a record 58, 000 crore rupees were spent on the election.

Till now, the organizations associated with the Republican and Democratic parties have spent 2320 crore rupees, which is around 40% more than the expenditure made during the last mid-term election. The Democratic National Committee has collected $3.2 billion (around 26, 500 crore rupees), while the Republican National Committee has collected $2.8 billion (around 23, 000 crore rupees).

Before 20th September, the Republican party was ahead of the Democrats as far as collection of election funds is concerned, after which, the leaders of the Democratic party paced up the movement of election fund collection and appealed the party’s supporters and workers to fund it. It is interesting to note that the Republican party has received its funds from affluent people and industrialists, while the democratic party has received funds primarily from middle class people.

The Democrats received around 5, 000 crore rupees from common people only, and the Republicans received 4, 400 crore rupees from common workers. As per political experts, Biden’s party receives more funds from the common people because of its liberal policies. On the other hand, Trump’s policies have been in the favour of industrialists, and therefore, the party fund’s largest share comes from the rich. In the meanwhile, the Democrats have received 200 dollars or even less as funds from common workers. The Democrats have paid more attention to the senate seats, and are anticipating a positive result.

Amidst the political fervour, former President of the USA, Donald Trump, in a speech, hinted at him fighting the election yet again. Addressing thousands of his supporters, Trump said that he fought the election twice, and emerged victorious both the times, and performed better the second time. In comparison to 2016, he received lakhs of votes more in 2020. He added that in order to make USA safe and dignified, he would have to fight the election once again.

“But before that, we will have to emerge victorious in the mid-term election”, stated Trump.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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