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Vicious harassment of Sister Lucy continues unabated as Christians watch silently

Kochi: Sister Lucy Kalappura had to call the Kerala police for assistance to unlock the gate to her room at the Karakkamala convent which was locked by alleged individuals linked to the Church authorities.

Sister Lucy alleged that gate was locked to prevent her from attending the Holy Mass. The police arrived and unlocked the gate.

Sister Lucy has filed a complaint with the Kerala police. She had noticed that the gate was locked when she tried to go out to attend Holy Mass at 6.30 am. She then called the police and also lodged a complaint.

Sister Lucy was recently expelled from Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC) on orders from the Vatican for learning to drive, buying a car, writing poems but mostly of all standing in support of the 44-year old nun raped and sodomised by the Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal is the first Bishop in India to be arrested on charges of rape and sodomy.

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