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War against Hamas Israel’s right to self-defense: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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On Thursday, November 2, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), organized a virtual press conference at 7.00 PM (10.30 PM IST), regarding the war with Hamas, and its current scenario, with Colonel Moshe Tetro, Head of the Coordination and Liaison Administration of Gaza, from the unit of the Coordination of Government Activities in the territories. The briefing also saw an addressal from the Israeli MFA Spokesperson, Lior Haiat.

Speaking of the conflict, Colonel Tetro said, ‘Hamas launched a terror attack against Israel on October 7, and even though war has its consequences, Hamas has to be destroyed.’ Colonel revealed how Hamas terrorists had also entered his headquarter-base, and killed and kidnapped his soldiers.

Speaking further, he added, ‘I am aware of the reports about the civilian situation in Gaza. From the beginning of the war, we have been monitoring the severe humanitarian situation in Gaza, and as far as the reports of Israel cutting the supply of fuel, water and food into Gaza are concerned, those are nothing but falsities spread by Hamas. First of all, Gaza’s water sources are internal, not solely from Israel. Also, during the very first week of the war, we had opened the water pipeline to south Gaza.’

‘Further, there is no lack of medical equipment there, and there is enough food for weeks to come. Also, even during normal days, energy is not released into Gaza by Israel. They have all the required sources of fuel like warehouses, solar panels, and generators. They have enough supplies of fuel in Gaza for two weeks to come.’, Colonel Tetro expressed.

He then stated, ‘North of Gaza is a warzone, and hence, Israel asked the civilians to move to South Gaza, but Hamas asked them not to do so, and it is for a fact that Hamas operates alongside civilians. We have seen Hamas shooting and operating from hospitals and schools. People should go to south Gaza and we will provide humanitarian aid. Further, Hamas is also exaggerating the civilian casualty numbers, even though we know that some deaths have not been caused by Israeli strikes, but because of rockets and missiles from Hamas and Islamic Jihad themselves.’

‘For instance, the rocket which hit the hospital in Gaza was launched by Islamic Jihad, not Israel.’, added Colonel Moshe Tetro.

In his address, Israeli MFA Spokesperson, Lior Haiat, said, ‘On 7 October, Hamas attacked Israel, and slaughtered more than 1400 Israelis, and executed over 250 young people at a music festival. These are not just war-crimes, but crimes against humanity. Till now, over 8000 missiles have been launched into Israel by Hamas. We are facing a terrorist organization worse than ISIS.’

‘Israel’s war against Hamas is a war of self-defense, aimed at eradicating Hamas. This is a matter of the very survival of Israel, and if Hamas is not destroyed completely, it will continue its massacre, as it claims to have planned. 240 Israelis and people of other nationalities were kidnapped and taken to Gaza Strip by Hamas terrorists, one of whom is a 9-month-old hostage. Not only this, but elderly were killed, children were killed in front of their parents, and even children saw their parents being murdered in front of their eyes.’, said Tetro, describing the ordeal faced by Israel as a nation.

Talking further, he said that since October 7, Israel has received unprecedented international support, and remarked, ‘If you do not condemn Hamas, and do not recognize Israel’s right to self-defense, you are standing with Hamas. And either you stand with Hamas, or with Israel, there is no middle way in this conflict.’

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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