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Wellness Trends: a wave of awakening, almost forcing us to take our health and well-being seriously


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The term wellness is something we hear oftentimes being associated with our physical and mental health, both aspects of a person that can have serious impacts if not taken care of. Issues in one area can cause problems in the other.

In the case of wellness trends, we see that some are just fads while others are here to stay. Wellness trends focus on impacting our five main wellness domains, social, emotional physical, mental and spiritual.

With a wave of awakening spreading amongst all of us, almost forcing us to take our health and well-being seriously, brings with it what we now know as ‘wellness trends’. It is no secret that this market is blooming and is on the rise, with a better spending capacity teaming up with the awareness around it, the term wellness is going to be talked about for a very long time.

Holding on to that thought let’s throw some light on a few of these trends that are gaining popularity around the globe, by the minute.

Face Yoga! As strange as it might sound to some, it actually exists.

As the name suggests this is yoga for the face. This idea was conceived by a Japanese- American English teacher living in Japan called Fumiko Takatsu. Face Yoga was developed as a method to tone the muscles of the face after a hard realization struck Takatsu that creams and serums can only do so much. Ever since then this trend has been topping the charts. Face yoga usually comprises of a series of stretches, exercises and massages for our facial muscles.

Regular practitioners of face yoga have experienced benefits like increase in blood circulation, glowing skin, strengthened and toned facial muscles, reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, tighter skin and improved mental health to an extent. Experts say practicing face yoga stretches daily, for up to 20 weeks can get us a few steps closer to having our dream skin type.

Lion’s breath, face taps, neck massages, cheek lifting stretches and eye circles are some common kinds of face yoga techniques and are definitely worth your time.

Moving on to the ‘Gua Sha’. This is a tool that originated in China and happens to be one of their oldest forms of medicines. Although the science behind this tool is limited but it is as old as the stone age and has been used ever since by the Chinese to scrape the skin in order to remove illnesses. The Gua Sha originally is made of jade stone or quartz, however the rate at which this trending is catching pace even plastic options are made available in the market.  Gua sha is believed to sculpt the skin and take away pain from the facial area as well as increase blood circulation and energy flow. Another plus of following this trend can bring with it the elimination of fluid built up, puffiness and redness. Gua Sha is a flat, smooth tool making it easy to carry and use. Gentle sweeps along with light pressure can go a long way when it comes to using this tool.

Another, rather talked about trend we are getting to see in 2023 is the Mini or the 60 second mantra and meditation trend. This trend promises a quick and sure shot way to de-stress in 60 seconds or less.

A certain kind of chant that helps one find their center or a brief session of belly breathing of even something known as the body scan, which starts by focusing on each one of our body parts while maintaining a calm breath and staying still in one place, it can be practiced either sitting or lying back in a comfortable position, can help battle negative thoughts and also provide aid in one of those extremely difficult situations where our mind almost stops to function. There are plenty of meditative applications nowadays that are trying to make the most of this phase and are promoting such ideas and wellness trends.

Wellness trends encourage balance between all the aspects of our well-being. These trends can help us find joy, feel relaxed and calm at the same time and our worth a try.

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