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Indian Yoga Brands are adopting eco-friendly methods


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Yoga practitioners and gurus often feel a strong connect with the nature through various kinds of asans, breathing techniques, grounding and healing mantras. With that thought in mind it becomes imperative for Yogis to think of ways through which they can avoid damaging the environment.

Ecological awareness is not something that has been in talks only now but has been on the agenda for over 5,0000 years, be it any culture or tradition we notice followers learning stories from the past that appreciate nature and wildlife in its best form, worshiping mother nature in most traditions, having an attitude of gratitude towards the environment is not something that is unheard of.

This is how we as a race landed upon the idea of sustainability, to be able to fulfill the needs of the current generations without compromising on the needs of our future generations to come.

The yoga industry too, has hopped on to this bandwagon.

People have come up with ways to go eco-friendly when it comes to making products and accessories required in the practice of Yoga.

Juru Yoga happens to be one such environment friendly brand. This is a brand made by yogis, for yogis as the founder Puja rightly put across.

Juru is a made in Indian yoga brand and focuses on using raw materials which are easily and abundantly available in our country by causing least impact on the environment. Rubber obtained from the sap and cork obtained from the bark of trees are used to make these non-slippery yoga mats.

Juu-roo means joy and happiness in some native tribal languages around the globe. These mats come with a great grip, which is something all yogis look for in a mat and other yoga tool as well. What pushed Juru to come up with this concept was the use of PVC, which happens to be the most harmful and toxic kind of plastic, this not only causes harm to our nature but also has a negative impact on our health.

Cork and rubber mats make the perfect blend to support yogis during their practice.  Puja and her team are committed to deliver creativity other than just keeping it Eco- friendly.

Proyog an Indian brand which was in fact conceptualized in a yoga class, when the makes of this brand realized they are breathing into plastic be it their mats, props or even their clothes. After a few years of research and a deeper understanding of fabrics, materials and sustainability they came up with this brand which means ‘experiment’ in the Indian language, Bengali.

They aim to provide natural and breathable fabrics, ditching the usual artificial and harmful ones.  Their purpose is simple and fuss free.

Most athleisure or workout outfits are made of nylon or polyester, which according to environmental experts is polluting our water alongside destroying the earth in more ways than one.

Proyog can help you do up your wardrobe and brighten up your workout fits.

Kaashi Wellness puts together a concept of holistic wellness in the modern world. This native brand promises eco-friendly and pure products that are sourced from locals, ethically.  From cork mats, yoga props, stainless steel jal neti pots to clothes made for yoga from natural fabrics, they have it all.

Neha Ahuja, the founder of Kasshi wellness wants people to experience yoga in a form which is closest to what it once was during the Vedic era, close to mother nature in every way possible.

They have come up with handwoven mats, which are not only natural but also support local artisans from Uttar Pradesh, these mats are hand-knotted, made from cotton and are anti-skid, ensuring yogis have a hassle-free practice.

Yoga is an Indian gem and that makes it our duty to decide the right style of equipment and methods that should be embraced. It is wholesome to see native brands take the onus of providing items that are the need of the hour, eco-friendly and natural. With yoga gaining popularity it is important for us as people living on this planet to be mindful and aware of the kind of choices we make.

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