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Will this be the LAST WAR in Bharat vs India?


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The 2024 Elections is the most consequential election for Bharat and the World. This election result will decide the destiny of the most populous nation and shape the geo-politics for establishing a Multi-polar World order. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team is the only global stabiliser in the upcoming period of global uncertainty.

The Battle is about establishing a Viksit Bharat 2047 Vision policy!

While the opposition does not have any vision to offer, the BJP leadership can claim the next 25 years plan and the vision for good policy changes in the third term of the Prime Minister.

There are clear pointers where the BJP cannot be challenged on any grounds like say for example, Corruption. The entire credit for the corruption-less government goes to the family of the PM who led a simple life, untouched & away from politics. It is widely believed that family members & dynastic ambitions cause a big wave of corruption across the leadership. The BJP offers a clean government no one else can offer.

There is another clear distinction on performance indicators. The Governance across ministries have achieved unheard goals department-wise with the same bureaucracy. From foreign policy to finance to infrastructure the outcomes are unparalleled. Perhaps more than 12 hours of daily work by the PM has inspired cadres across the hierarchy to perform their best. On this count, the opposition neither knows any plan for the next 24 hours, nor does they have any clue that politics is not a freelancing activity. The leader from the congress party is almost seen working for the nation in spare time around his vacations.

The stated direction of the opposition parties is very divisive.

The new Bharat does not stand for divisive politics or discriminative behaviours. They are looking at the launch of a new Global power in the World and are not interested in caste mathematics or freebies offers. The people see through the short-term gimmicks of offering things for free and how those results in the bankruptcy of the State finances eventually.

This Election is a choice between Bharat winning big time across the globe vs. losing what has been achieved in the last 10 years.

This is the lifetime opportunity for Bharat to solve all the historical wrongs & macro problems artificially created after the politically negotiated independence in 1947.

This Election is a War-cry by the first Prime Minister in Independent Bharat’s history who exercises full sovereignty in decision-making, both externally and internally. He is probably the first Prime Minister after Prime Minister Subash Bose to exercise such power unapologetically.

In every form it is a war, not fought by guns or weapons, it will play out in the minds of an aspirational Bharat which no more wants to be bound by the shackles of colonisation and external hegemony.

It is a war about the personality and the global outlook of a leader who has goals and vision for a grand and a magnificent Bharat for 2047. A war that identifies those who have turned against their own country and between those who are mindful of the dangers that foreign planted narratives like wokism brings.

It is the war of the people against those who have turned anti themselves and anti-nation and now pose the greatest danger to the existence of Bharat and its future.

It is a war between the civilised and non-civilised. The ones who want to see a prosperous Bharat on the world stage calling the shots, are challenging the ones who want to fit Bharat into the Global plans made by external hegemons.

It is a war between Colonising India at all cost keep it colonised and between those who want to free it from vestiges of colonialism across all the sectors. Between ones who want to bridge towards a Sanatan Economics model and the ones who want to count of pittance of aid depending on the moods of followers of Adam Smith and Karl Marx extremities.

It is a war to Rob people of all of their identity and between those who want to give them their identity along with pride back after 100 years.

It is a war to Promote a peaceful coexistence and save the country from internal enemies and those creating and instigating internal conflict in every possible manner.

It is a war to build the based for an assured future and between those who want to create a destabilised society where the de stabilizers can rule for long by implanting dynasts one after another.

It is a war between those who are Helping and empowering Indians to identify snakes in the grass and those that provide protection and cover fire to these snakes.

It is war between a new quest of adventure and spiritual journey through knowledge and the other who want to create a commandment based brutal society for non-believers.

It is a war between Emerging logical paradigm of truthfulness dismantling the earlier notion and between those who want a reimposition and strengthening of earlier paradigm.

It is a war between building Bharat as a force for Global good & the ones who want to take Bharat to freebies-dependent, defenceless and zombie economy of mobocracy.

It is a war between those who wish Bharat to operate on merit and the ones who want to keep pointing at historical narratives of discrimination.

It is a war between those who believe in minimum government and maximum governance, and the ones who want to restore complacency and ineffective governance.

It is a war between preservation by sustenance and consumption by exploitation.

It is a war between manipulation of facts and achievements of goals.

It is a war between those who want to arm-twist the governance and the nationalist Sevaks of this soil.

It is a war between the Mandir Eco system and the ones who glorify the plunderers of this land.

It is a war between radical extremism and the ones who talk of Coexistence and Sabka Vikaas.

It is a war of making the judiciary realise the difference between judgement that is the ultimate destination of toolkits and justice the dharmic way.

It is war between a constitution built and modified to suit the nefarious designs of colonial masters and the proponents of Gazwa-i-Hind and a Dharmic Civilisation

BHARAT will Take Over India in this War! As is said Victorious warriors win the war first and then go to battlefield. Bharat has already won the war as is evident in the mood of the nation, a tectonic shift in the mindset of the people shunning Nehruvian secularism and in every possible state of mind to adopt a dharmic way of life, shunning the colonial legacy to adopt a new identity their true identity, realising a paradigm of western deep state loaded with consumerism by a need for minimalistic living and the significance of bonding in the form of Vishva Guru version of vasudhaiv kutumbakam paradigm….. Now with this election it has to go to the battlefield…That is all.


  1. K Siddhartha is one of the rare breeds of polymath, having wide scale, in-depth knowledge, and command over many domains and subjects. His range includes Astrophysics, Space Science, the entire Earth Sciences (its evolutionary aspects in Palaeontology, Petrology and Stratigraphy and its Applied aspects including Engineering), Experiential Economics, Civilization and Sanatan economics, Nature-Centred Development, Geography and Geopolitics, Perception Management, and Cultural Heritage. His diverse domain knowledge and ability to integrate them have made him a strategic thinker, knowledge and perception management consultant, and advisor to several international and state governments. He assists policy-making at the national and International level in creating and developing narratives that integrate core and critical Bharatiya values across domains of Science, Heritage, Economics, and Geopolitics using AI and Perception Management to build a strategy for a Bharatiya perspective of Vishva Guru-oriented new world order. He has written books on a wide range of subjects—49 books to date. Apart from that, he has been a mentor to 1600 civil servants, film personalities, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.
  2. Dr Ankit Shah is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, a Qualified Company Secretary, an author, and a keen observer of foreign policy and security for the Bhartiya Upmahadwip. As the concept man of the upcoming Sanatan Economics Model, his primary interest lies in geo-economics, multipolarity, and geo-political projections for the world. His predictions include many major global events like Doklam, 370-35 A removal, LAC standoff, Balakot, Ukraine, Israel conflicts, the de-dollarization process, and so on. He has served IIM-Ahmedabad as an academic and research associate.


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