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World Bees Day: 20th May 2020 – Relevance to Mankind


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We all have studied this question in our textbook during school days as to why it is said that there will be no human population left on Earth if all Bees die or get extinct?

We all read the answers to clear the Exams. Let us reiterate the answer today and do this Puzzle at home to educate our kids to learn science in a friendly way.

The Picture posted above has secret to this answer as to why we will be extinct if there are no bees. We all know that majority of Crops we grow are from their fruits/seeds. The seeds are key to the next cycle of growth of Crops, vegetation/flora.

For Example-The seeds of Trees when fall on ground during the rainy season; the seeds germinate on their own giving rise to the baby of the Father Tree who had shed the seeds. Now, this is the way Trees grow around us in our environment causing all greenery and providing lifesaving Oxygen to humans and other animals around us.

Now how a seed is formed? We all know that plants and trees bear flowers and then flowers mature to give rise to fruits, seeds however for a flower to be able to bear a fruit it requires Pollination to be done by an Agent (Bees being most Prudent and efficient one, Wind and rainwater).  How do Bees act as pollination agents? Bees don’t do it for us purposely but accidentally as they sit/perch on each flower sucking its nectar to collect that nectar and store in their beehive for the days when there shall be no season of flowers around and then they shall feed their babies and themselves from that stored nectar which now has become Honey. We all also love honey!

Now in that process of collecting nectars from flowers their tentacles, legs, wings are stuck with Pollens of the flowers and they drop it when they sit on another flower. This is how pollens get accidentally transferred and then flowers who receive Pollen use it to produce fruits and this process is fertilization in our flora kingdom. After fertilization, the fruits, seeds are produced and we cleverly harvest that all Crop, fruits from the Trees and eat, store them to use them as seeds to sow, and sell them to buy other necessities from the Market. Is not the way we have been living being dependent on Crops and Agriculture all over?

So Thank the Bees as well if you got your crop from fields or fruit from trees. If there are no bees, then there will be no pollination and No Crops and then there shall be famine. Neither will our Pets survive nor us, which means no, further Children of Man and babies to our Pets and domesticated animals. The trees will die down after reaching their age, will not have their new babies/plants, and will mean no oxygen, no rains. You can imagine how difficult will it be to live and thrive.

There are Professionals like Mukesh Pathak (active on Twitter as well) who do Bee Keeping (Apiculture) to produce honey, market it and sell. Mr. Pathak says out of his love for Bees (which brought him to this field) that do leave some rows in your fields, kitchen garden, and even pots for those beautiful flowers as these flowers are a source of food for Bees. It enhances your aesthetic sense (everyone loves bees perching on their flowers in a Flower Pot in a small space like Balcony or terrace) and Bees will live to give us life.

The Forrester like Praveen Kaswan (IFS) was seen promoting on Twitter to buy honey from a Self-help group (of tribes and poor dwellers) in Sundarbans (WB) who go in deep marshy forests of Sundarbans and Collect honey manually and then pack it in bottles (Bonfool, Forrest’s flowers)) and sell it Online through Ecommerce Portals like Amazon. It gathered momentum.  The above narrative written here is to show the importance of how still a section of society amalgamates with Nature to gather their living in Coexistence with Mother Nature.

We all know the importance of pure honey.

It is said if our babies become intolerant to Milk upon their Birth the nursing mothers feed babies with honey. Honey is the simplest form of glucose and the nature has given this ability only to the Bees to convert from the Nectar once they collect and store it in their beehive.

Honey is the source of immediate need for Glucose to Brain cells. Neurons thrive on Glucose. If you take honey in water in case you feel mental fatigue then it rejuvenates your brain immediately.

Honey is used for its medicinal property in Ayurveda for ages and now Naturopathy. Our ancestors knew to live with coexistence with Nature and use natural herbs and remedies to treat our domesticated animals and ourselves.

World Bees Day is being celebrated to recognize the importance of even insect-like Bees to our existence on this planet. They are in danger due to excessive and indiscriminate use of Pesticides and insecticides on Crops. These insecticides are so harmful that Bees do not Perch on flowers and thus do not get their food. This means we are indirectly killing them and endangering our future. Time and again we all advocate the need to coexist with Nature. We are a part of Nature and do not own the Nature and Planet.

It shall be a milestone to initiate conservation of our ecosystem by conserving and giving space to Bees to dwell in our surroundings without us unknowingly killing them out of our Ignorance. Ignorance cannot be our Bliss.


Bees are part of our ecosystem so much so that our existence depends on them. Will we delete that Indicator or factor knowingly and unknowingly? Of course not.

Let us conserve our nature and our every bit towards which will help our betterment. Let us teach our Children and Practice ourselves as to how we can make it a better place for our future generations.

[author title=”Satyaprakash Mishra,
Columnist, Goa Chronicle” image=”http://goachronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/unnamed-2.jpg”]I am a Post graduate in Environmental Science and MBA in Marketing and IT . I did Sales for initial few years before I moved into HR and Admin and handled Generalist HR in various IT and ITES MNCs . I have knack for standing out and going extempore on topic of my choice /understanding with emphasis on factual correctness which I prefer to read and prepare through various sources . [/author]

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