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Youth – sketch a Greater India


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It is very well said by a Buddhist philosopher that when youth are awakened to a sense of mission, their power is limitless. And when a nation like India is blessed to have the highest demographic dividend, there arises a need to awaken that sleeping power of ours and use it as a most sharpened weapon against all the anti-national forces.

According to India Skills Reports 2020, India comprises 47% of the young folks. We have the highest population that falls under the age group of 15-45 years of age and which is considered the most productive age group. India as a nation is fortunate enough to have such young minds that can help the nation reach all new heights in upcoming certain years.

While the world was dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19, India in these adverse times saw a possibility to grow and this opportunity was grabbed by the youth of the nation. The hidden abilities of youth gave India recognition on the world level. As soon as the times of problems were taken as times of possibility by our nation, we can see even today, India is recognized as a turning superpower.

The possibility that made each of us ring a bell in the minds of our glorious past of serving mankind with humanity and be a giver and not a taker. India and its denizens grabbed the opportunities thrown as a challenge upon it and dealt with it so powerfully that we are on a stage where we can say we are reiterating our glorious past and serving the world with all our senses.  Each individual with their highest capacity made the nation grow in some of the other ways.

Few examples of youth coming out to serve the nation with humanity.

  1. A group of people in Kerala started developing mass vending machines. When the Kerala government came to know about it, they supported them through the Kerala start-up mission.
  2. Students of IIT – Guwahati, Assam, invented low-cost incubation boxes to serve the mothers a facility of putting their newborns in the incubators to save their child.
  3. Students of IIT- Bombay invented low-cost mechanical ventilators to serve the people in those adverse times.

There even were many apps developed by young minds during COVID times.

The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2020, to support local industries/handicrafts/handlooms. The Abhiyan is all about developing our localities by adapting #VocalForLocal initiative and make the world witness the power of India as a developing nation of current times.

This Abhiyan is very much for each individual of the society but when seen intricately more emphasis is laid upon the productive age group as they can come up with diverse ideas and can make it successful to reach new heights. As the youth of the present generation is a class which is very much active in every field, be it physical or virtual one, they are much looked at, to come up with various distinct ideas and innovations that can contribute to this initiative.

As we discuss the topic on the world level, we all know there are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed by the UN to contribute to the well-being of planet earth and save humankind to live a greater valuable life than today.

The SDGs by the UN include 17 variants and which are made 2030 agendas by UN are essential to make successful as they are the basic yet the most important ones. Those are 1. Reduction in poverty 2. No hunger 3. Good health and well-being 4. Quality education 5. Gender equality 6. Clean water and sanitation 7. Clean and affordable energy 8. Economic growth 9. Industry innovation and infrastructure 10. Reduce inequality 11. Affordable cites and communities 12. Good consumption and production 13. Climate action 14. Life underneath 15. Life on land 16. Peace and justice strong institutions 17. Partnerships to achieve the goal.

Students should pay keen attention to the policies of the government and their implementations and should be aware to take the most benefits of it. As we are heading towards our nation’s 75th freedom anniversary, youth as an integral section of the society is focused and are asked to participate and show their extraordinary talents in each field that can help India run at a rapid pace in the world’s race and empower the youth to seek maximum opportunities in the nation itself.

If we talk about Swachh Bharat Mission, Namami Gange project, Beti Bachao Beti padhao mission, and many other Flexi programs and mission we see that they are directly / indirectly contributing to SDGs agenda and as a younger generation, youth should beware of all such.

These missions are already been looked at at a national level by Niti Ayog and by many other bodies made by state governments to contribute to the goals that ultimately lead to a peaceful and protective environment in the world.

There are numerous ways in which youth can contribute their part in nation-building and progress. Few of them if discussed as under:


A mission coordinated by Niti Ayog which invite people across the country to innovate and share new ideas and the government gives them support to become an entrepreneur and coordinate different factors in the most effective manner.

As it is much-advised youth to be job creators in today’s time and not mere job seekers. Young entrepreneurs must be supported with such good initiatives.



Social media plays a crucial role in today’s life, especially when talked about young minds. Unlike Disha Ravi and Greta Thunberg, the youth of India rather the world is advised to use it very proficiently and make good changes in the surroundings which can spread optimism. There are n no. of ways to use the internet and social media for good concerns while talking about some main ones we come across certain like

  • Digital interventions should be promoted
  • Paperless work
  • Citizen service delivery – birth/death/marriage / any other legal documents can be now accessed through the internet and can be made changes into.
  • This on other hand increases the responsibility of the government for putting a check over what is spread and how is it spread?
  • There are even many online portals that provide us with the material online to make use of it and develop our skills.
  • Everything sounds correct when it is performed at a specific scheduled time but when crossed limits they create havoc in society.
  • Well, social media many times even spread lies and hateful news as we all know about it, the content that’s been spread on social media should be checked by and only be used when it proves its reliability and functionality.
  1. GENDER EQUALITY should be promoted, not only with the slogans to protect women but to maintain that equality among both men and women as they both are much more important aspects of the society. Mutual respect for other classes of society should be maintained and promoted. It becomes essential to maintain gender balance to protect the nation.

Economic development can be noticed if gender balance is maintained and women are given equal respect and opportunity in the patriarchal society as of now still. As India is growing its branches at a much speedy pace it becomes necessary to protect the roots to protect the trunk and of the society. And taking due care of this very huge ancient tree will only provide good shade to the next generation.

Many elements are yet to undergo the process of change. They are such which are essential for humans to exist in the coming future. These elements can be called to be 4Ps of change for a better tomorrow.

  1. Planet – youth are asked to work for the mission GO GREEN and should come forward and play their part as a concerning citizen of this great nation. When the highest demographic dividend takes up such mission into hand it becomes very easy to promote it with unmatchable energy like theirs and this can contribute to the world environment as well.
  2. People – human resource development should be invested upon in the current era as well as an incoming new generation. Investing in health, education, insurance sectors can turn up as a huge benefit for the future generation as they can be served with great opportunities then.
  3. Purpose – there should always be a specific purpose for whatever we do, whenever we do and in whichever circumstances we do. The purpose of choosing any profession can carve a path to the future of an individual as well as the nation as youth be the heart of the demographic dividend be at the core of the nation and development of such cannot be denied anyhow.
  4. Profit – By the word ‘Profit’, I mean every profession must serve a purpose and should be financially viable enough to take it further.

The approach of giving back to the nation should be adopted by each citizen of the nation to make it grow and to protect with due care the traditions and rich culture of a great nation like India.

Youth should be more rational and less emotional to think and make decisions wisely on whichever base to contribute an effective part of them as an individual to the society.

Youth empowerment is such certainty of the time that it holds the power to make India a nation of Innovation, Integration, and Idealism very shortly.

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