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Zunderdog not just about software but about empowering dreams: Founder Zubin Souza


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In this era of increasing digitalization, businesses have to become tech-savvy in order to dive into the ocean of success, and in order to become user-friendly and popular among customers. Everyone, these days, loves the ease of how technology complements different services.

Zunderdog is one such startup from Goa, which helps and passionately empowers small businesses nationwide through an innovative platform, aiming to redefine industry standards in the digital era. Beyond technology and profit, they champion local communities and sustainability. Committed to meaningful change, they are recognized by industry platforms as responsible tech pioneers who believe in limitless technological empowerment for businesses of all sizes.

Zunderdog offers services like mobile app development, website development, consultation, and marketing.

In order to delve deeper into how Zunderdog works, Sonakshi Datta of GoaChronicle asked the Zunderdog founder, Zubin Souza, a few questions, to know how it simplifies complicated problems of the modern world, faced by its clients.

How do your software products help your clients to ‘give wings’ to their businesses?

Zunderdog is not just about software; it is about empowering dreams, especially those of the small businesses fighting to stay afloat. It is personal. Numerous families and friends ran local businesses, and I saw the challenges firsthand; now, let us dive into what sets Zunderdog apart.

We are in a world where traditions are holding businesses back. It is like they are shackled to the past. Nothing has changed for generations on how small businesses operated, but it is time to break free. In 2023, we are facing a different beast-big corporations, dark stores. It is not just a shift; it is a seismic shake-up. And in a country like India, where 40 percent of the population relies on these businesses for their livelihood, it is not just economics; it is the pulse of the people.

So, why Zunderdog? Because we have felt the struggle. We understand the heartache of seeing small businesses shutting down. We are not just a tech company; we are the allies of those fighting to keep their doors open.

Let’s talk tech; small businesses are drowning in the sea of old practices. Our tech is not just a lifeline; it is a rocket ship. It is on par with the big players, but here is the magic-it is so simple; it is like second nature. No one should struggle to use technology.

Now, money. It is the silent roadblock. But we are not asking businesses to break the bank. Zunderdog is about affordable dreams. We are saying, ‘You want to soar? You can, without sacrificing your life savings.’

Next in line are operations. The backbone. Zunderdog is not just handing out software; we are handing out hope. Streamlined processes, increased sales, predicting the future-it is the business version of a superhero.

And finally, customers, the lifeblood. We are not just giving tools; we are handing out connection. Understanding customers is not a luxury; it is survival. Our tools give small business owners the power to connect, to resonate, to build a community.

Zunderdog is not just giving wings to businesses; it is breathing life into dreams.

What is the kind of businesses that Zunderdog empowers?

Zunderdog is a global ally for businesses of all sizes. From the hi-tech Japanese robotics companies, technologically innovative startups of the US, to the vibrant businesses of India, we have collaborated with over a hundred businesses and counting. What sets us apart is our adaptable infrastructure code, tailored uniquely for each business, based on their specific needs. The beauty lies in our commitment to continuous improvement. Updates with enhanced functionality seamlessly reach all our clients, ensuring they stay at the forefront. Currently, we are revolutionizing the operations of warehouses, distributors, supermarkets, and a spectrum of other businesses.

What makes Zunderdog a ‘must-try’ for businesses?

Zunderdog stands out in the market, offering tools of unparalleled quality and affordability. Unlike the conventional approach of completing a project and moving on, we have embraced a product-oriented mindset. We are on a relentless quest for improvement, pushing updates and features regardless of requests. I strongly urge businesses to delve into our proposition before making any software decisions. It is not just about the software; it is about a transformative partnership that goes beyond expectations.

What aspects are kept in mind while creating the Zunderdog software products?

Having traversed the corridors of global industry leaders like Ebay, PayPal, Freshworks, MoEngage and TCS, I have imbibed crucial lessons on how technology propels companies to greatness. At Zunderdog, we view technology as an enabler, not a hindrance, to business success. Our software development is a meticulous process, considering the unique needs of each business. We prioritize user-friendly interfaces, ensuring the magic happens seamlessly on the backend. Quality is non-negotiable; our software is enterprise-grade. Every line of code is crafted with the success and scalability of our customers in mind.

What are some awards and accolades Zunderdog has been felicitated with?

We have been fortunate to be discovered and appreciated by industry leaders. Some of the awards and accolades received by us are the ‘Leap to Unicorn’ program, which is conducted by the IDFC Bank, MoneyControl, and CNBCTV18, and is a one-of-its-kind Founder Success Program that provides mentoring, networking, and fundraising opportunities for India’s most promising startups through a meticulously planned journey. I was fortunate to have been mentored by the likes of Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha and Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail via this program.

Nasscom10K was a further validation to the fact that our startup can make it to unicorn status.  Nasscom has a venture by which it plans to support the most promising startups in the country. We have also been supported by the respective startup programs of all 3 technology giants-Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

Yet, our proudest achievement is the ability to serve over a hundred businesses in a short span. The heartfelt feedback from these businesses is our truest reward.


In order to know more about Zunderdog and its services, one can contact them at +919940285902. For product enquiries, they can be contacted at [email protected], and for partnership queries, reach them at [email protected]. One can also visit the Zunderdog website- www.zunderdog.com

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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