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Alternative view point on Paradoxes in Indian context


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“It’s actually a matter of electromagnetic energy field vibration conflict. Nations and states of necessity function on a materialistic plane, as the coercive power of a state is a must for it to survive and thrive, whereas the armed forces demanding supreme sacrifice by its cadre need to operate on the Spiritual plane.

Col RS Sidhu


Overview of Energy Field Vibrations

The existence of vibrations generated by electromagnetic wave frequencies is no longer disputed  by modern science. The identification of specific frequencies being generated by the Universe, cosmic matter in various forms, and the human brain and other organs of the human body, have substantively proven the existence of this phenomenon. The Universe generates energy field vibrations @ 432 Hz, which is also the frequency at which ‘Aum’ resonates. The human body energy field vibration frequencies vary between 3 Hz to 17 Hz.

It is now well established that all matter vibrates at varied frequencies. Humans with a dominant Spiritual Intellect generate higher range energy field vibrations, while those with a dominant Materialistic Intellect generate lower range energy vibrations. The differing Spiritual and Materialistic plane energy waves cause vibration frequency conflict that deeply impacts matter.

The High Intellect steers the human mind towards altruistic propensity, controls and strengthens the Emotional and Social Quotients, promotes creativity, and plays a vital role in success as a Leader. The Base Intellect guides the mind towards materialistic yearnings, unmindful of negative environmental impact, and has an implied destructive potential. Any interaction between High Intellect plane and Base Intellect plane causes friction, triggering energy field vibration conflict.

Similarly societies and organisations also vibrate to their own unique energy field frequency, determined by their work culture, ethos and goals. Any energy waves vibration conflicts within organisations impact their functional efficiency. They can optimise their potential ideally through minimising energy field vibration conflict by working on a singular Intellect plane, whether High Intellect or Base Intellect.

Context of the State and the Executive

In a democracy the State personifies the Will of its People as codified in the Constitution. The Executive is just the Government of the day, bounded to discharge only stated responsibilities for a quantified duration of time. Thus while the State is a permanent entity, the Executive is the custodian of the State with a limited duration responsibility. Here the materialistic goals of political organisations competing to assume the mantle of the Executive, may at times lead to a conflict of interest with the State!

Also the essence of complete spectrum of obligations of the State towards its people may be summed up as maintaining national environment conducive to enterprise, and it’s the mailed fist behind the folded hands which ensures peace essential for successfully engaging in trade and commerce. No State can survive on mere benevolence and, shorn of niceties, the coercive power of a State is a must for it to survive and thrive. This necessitates for the States to function on a materialistic plane.


Historical Context of the Role of Armed Forces

The nations as a norm, to ensure own survival,  maintain an armed force for use as an external coercive arm to safeguard its geopolitical interests. The armed forces are analogous to the natural immune system of a living being, where its failure may result in the body succumbing to the horde of invasive germs. The armed forces make the difference between the exercise of free will by a society or its subjugation to the coercive power of an outside influence. India’s not too distant past convincingly illustrates this aspect.

In a democracy a subtle but key difference exists between the Executive and the State and the relationship of the armed forces towards the two. Whereas the Executive is the custodian of the State for a limited duration of time, the armed forces are a permanent  entity responsible for the defence of the State. Thus, in a way, the armed forces though subordinate to the Executive, need to hold a longer term view vis a vis the latter as regards to the interests of the State. This is a potential friction point between the Executive and the armed forces of the State. Challenging the legitimacy of the Presidential election in the US by the outgoing Trump administration, and the proclaimed distancing from this stand of the incumbent Executive by the US armed forces, is one of the best examples of this potential conflict of interest between the Executive and the State and the role of the armed forces.

The armed forces frequently require ultimate sacrifice by its personnel while discharging its obligations to the State. This is best achieved when the armed forces hierarchy is operating from the Spiritual plane. Here leadership by example is the key for furthering organisational goals. The ethos and systems within the Armed forces, having evolved over centuries, are aligned to this understanding. Functioning of religious institutes, authorisation of religious teachers, charging at the enemy with religious warfighting cries, all point to the understanding of centrality of Spirituality within the armed forces.

Historically speaking, the concept of ‘Dharam Yudh’ and ‘Ashvamedha Yag’ of ‘Ramayan’ ‘Mahabharat’ times, the ‘Christian Crusades’ to West Asia in medieval times, the US rivalry with the ‘Evil Empire’ USSR or ‘Great Satan’ Iran, and even the ongoing off and on ‘Islamic Jihad’, are all about averring righteousness of own cause. Taking on an ‘evil enemy’ asserts morality of own standpoint, and implied support of God, thus easing the effort of calling upon own rank and file to make the supreme sacrifice!


Intra Armed Forces Energy Field Vibration Conflict

The armed forces have a difficult task at hand in managing internal contradictions arising out of energy wave vibration conflicts. The armed forces hierarchy needs to operate on the Spiritual plane when demanding supreme sacrifice from its ranks engaged in combat. It also needs to interact with the Executive, to which it is subordinate, operating on a Materialistic plane.  This demands highest levels of integrity and moral courage from the Chiefs and the commanding generals of the field armies, to withstand the materialistic influences to which they are likely to be exposed while interacting with the Executive.

In a similar vein, moving lower down to the combatant ranks, while willingness to make the supreme sacrifice entails operating on Spiritual plane, to cause material destruction involves bringing base instincts to the fore. For the armed forces of rule based societies, managing this contradiction involves herculean effort, and falls to the lot of the Commanding Officer. He is the pivot that ensures continuing focus on victory against mere survival. Hence, the pivotal role assigned to this appointment within the armed forces.

Any interference with the role position and dignity of these pivotal appointments is bound to have detrimental impact on the combat potential of the armed forces and consequent impact on overall security of the State. This is the key reason, in the democracies, to keep the armed forces aloof from the Executive.


Subservient Armed Force Hierarchy Promotes Conformity

While Spiritual plane celebrates adopting different paths to achieve common goals, operating on Material plane promotes conformism. A conformist path is synonymous with promoting self rather than organisational interest, displays personal insecurity, and inhibits openness to untested ideas and thoughts. The last aspect is highly dangerous in a fast evolving battlefield space where staying relevant with new technologies and warfare dimensions will be the difference between victory and defeat in future wars.

Political conformity by the military hierarchy induces operating on Materialistic plane, exacerbating internal friction and causing vibration frequency conflict within the organisation. It also promotes a conformist mindset, as survival of self takes precedence over organisational interests. Over a period of time the conformist mindset trickles deep down the organisational hierarchy sapping organisational vitality and receptivity to fresh professional thoughts, so vital in a swiftly changing war fighting scenario. Managing organisational contradictions rather than leading by personal example, suppression of inconvenient facts, and hierarchical manipulations are the result.

One has to just look at the date of birth controversy of an ex Chief of Army Staff with a view to manipulate armed forces hierarchy, the uncontested malicious charges of attempted military coup by mainstream media, the suppression of inimical operational information during Kargil operations in 1998 and Galwan Valley in 2020, promoting personal loyalty by the ‘personalisation’ of appointments of principal staff officers in higher headquarters, acceptance of NFFU pay and pension upgrade by senior most hierarchy while denying the same to subordinates, the unresolved OROP fiasco, to realise how deep rooted the malaise already is.

The appointment of the Commanding Officer, the last bastion standing that is operating on Spiritual plane, too will come under threat, if remedial measures are not undertaken on priority.  But the willingness to undergo reform by a compromised hierarchy on its own is a moot question. That leaves only one option, also equally unrealistic, of enforced reforms by the very Executives responsible for this state.



The human brain emanates oscillating electromagnetic energy waves, measured in cycles per second

Delta Waves – 1 to 3 Hz

Theta Waves – 4 to 7 Hz

Alpha Waves – 8 to 13 Hz

Beta Waves – 14 to 35 Hz

Gamma Waves – above 35 Hz

Based on the activities being performed by the brain, these oscillations change frequencies. Alpha waves are deemed to be the most favourable for extra sensory perception activities.


Human esoteric body comprises 72000 ‘nadis’ infusing ‘prana’ or energy, and seven major ‘chakras’ or energy centres, which vibrate at varying frequencies


Root Chakra – Muladhara 432 Hz

Sacral Chakra – Swadhisthan 480 Hz

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipur 528 Hz

Heart Chakra – Anahata 594 Hz

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha 672 Hz

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna 720 Hz

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara 768 Hz

Notice how the electromagnetic energy wave vibrations increase as the consciousness rises from lower to higher ‘chakras’.


Alternative view point on Paradoxes in Indian context -

Col RS Sidhu, Sena Medal is a post graduate in History from Delhi University. His write-ups on strategic affairs have been published in magazines and journals of repute, and can also be accessed at his blogspot www.valleysandvalour.blogspot.com . He is also the author of two books, ‘Success from Being Mad’ on entrepreneurship ventures by veterans, and ‘Elephant on the High Himalayas’ on India China discourse.


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