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Another Propaganda on Central Vista Busted


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The new Parliament is the first building (Left of the current round-shaped building in Pic) being constructed in the Central Vista project by Tata Projects at a cost of ₹862 crores.

Author, journalist, and book critic Kapil Komireddi had written in some British monthly magazine founded in November 2019 called The Critic (in a Google search of articles about The Critic, I only found criticism!) in April 2020, “I asked [Ashwinie Kumar] Bansal, the Vastu consultant who originally planted the seed of remaking Delhi, what he thought about the new triangular parliament. It was a disastrous idea, he said. ‘Triangles are worse than circles. They denote fire. They burn everything’. He told me the story of two wealthy brothers in Mussoorie who partitioned their house into triangles. One of them lost all his money and the other was struck down by paralysis as soon as they moved in. Something like that is happening to Modi. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Indian economy had cratered to a point that it may have sunk the hopes of an entire generation. Protests against the prime minister’s authoritarian rule flared up in every part of the country. Modi, who until last summer was venerated in the world, has found himself reduced to a punch line. Delhi is finishing him off even before he gets started on his dream of finishing off Delhi.”

Komireddi’s book Malevolent Republic: A Short History of the New India is ranked No.533 in ‘Politics and Government eBooks’, No.1,859 in ‘Politics’, and No.38,769 in all Kindle eBooks in India today (May 6, 2021).

My new book, co-authored with GoaChronicle Founder and Editor-in-Chief Savio Rodrigues,  launched just two days back Modi Stole My Mask is No.2 in ‘Politics and Government eBooks’, No.3 in ‘Politics’, and No.20 in all Kindle eBooks, apart from being No.1 in three other Amazon categories; but I’m not implying that I’m a more popular writer than Mr Komireddi. By the way, the readership of GoaChronicle is more than 12 times that of The Critic.

Now Komireddi’s article is being circulated once again by the AMB in India, and once again, they ‘assume’ that Modi is stupid. I spoke to three different Vastu experts and read four research studies and this is what I was able to ascertain.

In regular Vastu, square or rectangular shapes are considered acceptable for building. However, when we dive deep into the why the principle came up, we realise they were based of energy flow and movement in the environment with reference to the effect on the human energy field. All shapes have an energy field that can cause effects on the human energy field and can be assessed using various instruments like the Lecher Antenna, the BG3 pendulum, aura photography, GDV camera, etc.

On looking at the design of the new Parliament building, though the shape at first glance looks like a triangle, the points have been cut on all three sides. These ‘cuts’ are where the three entrances of the building will be.

One will be for the public, which will be allowed to visit a Constitution Hall being built for the first time in India’s history, so that ordinary citizens like you and me can understand India’s journey as a parliamentary democracy.

The second will be for Members of Parliament (MPs) and the third for VVIPs such as the President of India, the Vice President of India (who is also the Constitutional head of the Rajya Sabha as its Chairperson), the Prime Minister of India, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, and the Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha, as well as visiting heads of state/government from foreign countries.

The cuts in the triangular shape create angles on all sides. The shape that gets created is used in BioGeometry principles to create BG3 energies which are found in thousands of ancient and modern sacred spaces of all religions. The BG3 energies are very beneficial for us at all levels of consciousness—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian-Muslim architect and natural scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim after more than 30 years of research. Dr. Karim combined breakthrough research of French Radiesthesiste André de Bélizal and Leon Chaumery (1930’s) with ancient Egyptian alchemist science, which led to the development of Egyptian radiesthesia. Egyptian radiesthesia in its turn became the basis of a new holistic, universal science of quality called BioGeometry, which is a design language of colour, form, motion, and sound to produce energy balance in all living and inert systems of the environment. BG3 is responsible for maintaining the energy of all living systems.

Radiesthesia scientist Scariatin (a Russian living in Egypt, who went by the pseudonym of “Enel”), detected “horizontal negative green” energy quality in the bodies of Christian saints and used this quality as an indication of spirituality of the person.  Dr. Karim then detected the same energy in sacred monuments independent of the bodies. The same energy could be detected in other power spots of the world, including certain cathedrals such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres is France built in 1862, stone structures such as Dolmens and Menhirs, as well as the famous Great Pyramids of Egypt.

The Pyramids of Egypt and the main cathedrals and mosques of Europe and the Middle East used tools which are basic to the field of BioGeometry for laying out their structures.

BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body (or aura), to amplify the presence of these highly beneficial BG3 energy-qualities, as well as to harmonize energy interactions with the environment. More information can be found in Egyptian and European Energy Work, a book by Robert J Gilbert, available at The Vesica Institute.

The 6.94 lakh square feet new Parliament buildings will be 36% larger than the existing 94½ year-old building, with enhanced seating capacities of 888 in the Lok Sabha vs. the current 552 and 384 in the Rajya Sabha vs. the current 245.

Another Propaganda on Central Vista Busted - Kapil Komireddi, Propaganda on Central Vista Busted, The Critic, Vastu shashtra
The 6.94 lakh square feet new Parliament buildings will be 36% larger than the existing 94½ year-old building, with enhanced seating capacities of 888 in the Lok Sabha vs. the current 552 and 384 in the Rajya Sabha vs. the current 245.

Why is a larger Parliament needed? Post–2026, the strength of both houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) are mandated to increase to reflect the growth in India’s population. This has nothing to do with Modi or the BJP. It is part of the Constitution. The number of Lok Sabha seats were increased (“delimitation”) to 494 in 1952 based on the 1951 census, 522 in 1963 based on the 1961 census, and 543 in 1973 based on the 1971 census.

Though there was supposed to be a delimitation exercise every 10 years, this did not happen after 1973. In 2002, through a Constitutional Amendment, it was decided that the next delimitation will be done in 2026 based on the 2021 census.

If British can have 650 parliamentarians, Canada 443 and the US 535 why can’t we have 1000?” asked former President Pranab Mukherjee in December 2019. He was not a BJP politician, but spent most of his career in the Congress.

The new Lok Sabha Hall will accommodate 1,224 MPs for a ‘joint’ sitting of both the expanded houses.

The existing 94½ year-old building has several structural problems and cannot be expanded to accommodate the growth of both houses. It is already crammed. Very few MPs have offices in the current building, and MPs of almost all parties have complained about this several times over the years. Besides, there is no space for staff of MPs.

The building is being readied on a war–footing before 15 August 2022, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence; hence it cannot be delayed.

Features in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls will include a desk in every MP’s seat (currently available only in front rows), enough space behind seats for free movement, a touchscreen-based digital voting system, biometric-based dual authentication, and an intuitive multilingual graphical user interface.

There will be a lounge and a dining room for MPs, a library, multiple committee rooms, and 1,100 car parks. Each MP will have a 430 square feet office with space for staff.

Another Propaganda on Central Vista Busted - Kapil Komireddi, Propaganda on Central Vista Busted, The Critic, Vastu shashtra
There will be a lounge and a dining room for MPs, a library, multiple committee rooms, and 1,100 car parks. Each MP will have a 430 square feet office with space for staff.

See the difference in the current Lok Sabha hall and the new one being built.

Neither is the new Parliament going to be enjoyed by just the BJP and its allies (MPs of all parties will get the benefit) nor is the BJP going to be in power permanently.

During Congress / UPA rule, the office of Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar (a Congressperson nominated for the post by the Congress party) sent a letter in July 2012 to the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, stating that the Speaker has given approval for the construction of a new Parliament building. The letter said that the issue should be given TOP PRIORITY.

This letter stated: “The Parliament building was constructed in the 1920s … Over the decades on account of ageing and over use the building has started showing the signs of distress at various places. The present sitting capacity of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is likely to go up after 2026. The seats in Lok Sabha may go up before 2026 also if Women’s Reservation Bill provided for augmented strength is passed by the Parliament. In such a scenario it will be necessary to have a new Lok Sabha chamber with larger sitting capacity.” The letter further stated that instructions should be given to the Central Public Works Dept. to find an area close to the existing Parliament complex and to identify a suitable location for constructing a state-of-the-art new Parliament building.

We badly need a parliament building. This one simply isn’t functional and is outdated,” said then Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh.

Yet the Congress is attacking Modi for doing the exact same thing. This exposes yet another duplicity of the Congress party.

Do you know why the Congress is opposing not only the Parliament building? The Sonia government wanted to build a ~3.75 lakh square foot (area unconfirmed) Parliament building at an estimated cost of ₹600 crores in 2012, or ₹16,000/sq.ft. (₹26,656/sq.ft. crores at today’s cost). The Modi government is building a 6.94 lakh square foot building @ ₹862 crores, or ₹12,420/sq.ft. So the Congress has missed a big opportunity, if you get what I mean.

Besides, what is perhaps more important is the fact that the delimitation exercise due in 2016 will reduce the proportional number of seats in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, where the Congress still has some existence. Therefore, Congress’s seat share in the Lok Sabha is likely to go down even more after delimitation.

Do you have a 94½ year-old living grandparent and is s/he fully functional?

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Another Propaganda on Central Vista Busted - Kapil Komireddi, Propaganda on Central Vista Busted, The Critic, Vastu shashtra

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