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Our children are not safe from sexual predators lurking in our midst


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Sexual abuse crimes against minors are on the rise in India. The most frightening truth about sexual abuse crimes in the country is that most of the sexual abusers are known to the victims.

The sexual predator is not necessarily a stranger. Our children are being preyed upon by people known to us within our family and our friends’ circle.

On analyzing the National Crime Bureau Data of 2019, GoaChronicle learned that in the data of the Offenders Relation to Child Victims of POCSO Act (Section 4 & 6) – 2019 most of the sexual offenders of the minor children were family members, family friends, neighbors or people known to the family, and friends or online friends on the pretext of marriage.

The data of 29 Indians states and 7 Union territories indicated that family friends and neighbors or people known to the family containing the highest concentration of sexual abusers of minors, a reported 12,834. Friends and Online friends comprised 9685 cases of sexual abuse reported. Family members reported 2153.

Sexual abuses cases of minors in which the sexual abuser is unknown to the victims were reportedly 1520 cases.


Under the Age Profile of Child Victims of POCSO Act (State/UT-wise) – 2019 of the NCRB data. There were 709 cases of sexual abuse crimes on children below the age of six, 2627 sexual abuse cases committed on children between the age of 6 to 12-years, and 9415 cases of sexual abuse under POCSO on children between the age of 12 to 16-years.

Reportedly, below the age of six, 686 victims were girls and 23 boys. Between the age of 6 and 12-years, 2514 were girls and 113 were boys. Between the age group of above 12 to 16-years, 9318 were girls and 97 were boys.


It is important for parents to be alert. The sexual predator of our children could be lurking in our midst but we cannot see it because we are blinded by the familial and friendly connection.


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