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Arundhati Suzanna Roy is nothing more than a media-glorified India hater

Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy, in a recent interview with DW, accused Modi’s government of using the COVID-19 crisis to incite hatred towards Muslims, saying the situation is ‘approaching genocide.’

The over-hyped novelist Arundhati Roy says the Indian government is exploiting COVID-19 to ramp up its suppression of Muslims. She said that this is something “the world should keep its eyes on.”

I personally believe that you have a right to your point of view, it is a basic fundamental right in any democracy. That right, however, can never be misused to spread lies about your own country in order to give an advantage to an enemy country. 

Arundhati Suzanna Roy is a rabble rouser and a liar. Her talks and articles are based on half-truths. Her intention is to portray India, its government and people (in particular the Hindus) in a negative light.

She is a propagandist for the enemies of India, in particular Pakistan. This is not difficult to decipher. An analysis of her written and spoken views indicate a deep hatred for India, BJP and Hindutva. That is obvious because she is a leftist in her ideology.

I do not have an issue if her thoughts were leftist or right-wing. I have a serious issue because her thoughts are anti-Indian, pro-Pakistani and in favour of naxalism. 

She is in true sense is an urban-naxal and a venomous snake spewing her half-baked lies in the international media, who wait for an opportunity to put India down, as it cannot see the surge of India.

Not too long ago in her article on Kashmir – ‘The Silence is the Loudest Sound’ – there was not a single reference to the Kashmiri Pandits.

She claims to fight for human rights, but shockingly, she does appear to consider Kashmiri Pandits as humans let alone have rights. She has never spoken of the genocide the Kashmiri Pandits experienced.

For those fence-sitting Indians currently being mesmerised by her views on DW NEWS, could you please tell me, as Indians do you not feel ashamed that our own people – Kashmiri Pandits – who have an equal right to their land and resources in Kashmir, were forced to leave their homes under threats of being killed, women and children being raped; and we as Indians did nothing but watch this atrocity.

No one from the then and current self-claimed intellectual class such as Arundhati Roy even bothered to raise a voice to defend the rights of Kashmiri Pandits for which they have been fighting for the last three decades.

Arundhati Roy sees the Muslim as a Kashmiri but does not even see the Kashmiri Hindu as a human. She sees a Muslim in India as a human, but does not see a Hindu as a human.

That’s where the bias comes in and that is what is despicable to me.

Writers and activists like Arundhati Roy are actually empty vessels that make the most noise. Noise, pure loud jarring noise that is irritating to be ignored and must be turned-off.

Unfortunately for noise makers like Arundhati Roy they have failed to understand that the India of today, has seen through their Pakistan-driven machinations and call-out their bluff openly and vehemently.

The Indian government may pussyfoot about dealing with hate-mongers and liars like Arundhati Roy but the people of India, see a better India than what is portrayed by the likes of Arundhati Roy.

Arundhati Roy is a BJP hater. She is a Narendra Modi hater. She is a Hindu hater. But most of all she is an India hater.

People like Arundhati Roy dream of an India riddled with communal violence and hatred. They want the world to see India as a chaotic nation. They want the world to avoid investments into India. They want India and its people to remain poor and as slaves to corrupt political leaders perpetually.

The thought of a united India, a thriving India, a vibrant India sends shivers down their spine. 

An India devoid of caste and creed tension is a hindrance to their money flow. 

People like Arundhati Roy live on funds from organisations that want India to fail. 

Arundhati Roy is nothing but a media-glorified India hater with no value to add to our nation. She at best must be ignored for her rants. But to lie about ‘Genocide of Muslims’ is a lie that must not be tolerated by the Indian government.It is a clear act of stoking communal tension in the country where most Hindus and Muslims live as Indians.

The true idea of India, is an India that someone as inconsequential as Arundhati Roy can never understand nor ever be able to change. 

The soul of India is humanity. It is the very ethos of our Sanatan Dharma that flows in most Indians irrespective of our caste or creed.

One India. One People. One Voice – Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief


  1. Its strange you should mention Kashmiri Pandits. Anything about them breaks my heart a thousand pieces & then some more. Always heard what they went through & then there was Rahul Pandita’s book which left me broken for months. Now the movie Shikara. How come we were all silent as a nation? How did we watch 400,000 humans lose their lives, livelihood & move from human to inhuman conditions. That collective karma & blood is on our hands. Maybe we were too young but our parents stood mute spectators. No one talks about them like they are distant memory. We worry about Baloch & Iraq & Timbaktu. Our own family is dispossessed for good & no Government has done a thing including this one.

  2. Even one second should not be wasted before she is murdered in cold blood. She need to be chopped into piece within five seconds flat.

    1. All extra-judicial killings are murders and so terrible crime. She has been destroying and harming India’s image in the world by her VERY BIASED Anti-India stance. She should be prosecuted and executed by Indian Government for treason.

  3. Arundhati Roy is a SUB-HUMAN HINDU HATER NAZI who receives huge sum of money as her compensation from ‘Muslim World’. She does whatever she needs to do in order to get the money.

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