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Open Letter to President of Pakistan: Save Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, Indian Muslims are Safe!

I fell off my chair reading your tweet today Dr Arif Alvi.

It amused and surprised me because it was a tweet from the President of a sovereign nation. But then I realised it was from a Pakistani politician. 

I have a lot of respect for intellectuals in Pakistan that I have interacted with on my numerous international travels. But I have very little or in some cases no respect whatsoever for some of the politicians of Pakistan.

To me most politicians in Pakistan are ignorant fools. It appears that their intellectual prowess eludes them when they sit on the seat of power in Pakistan and when it comes to matters concerning India.

A classic example of an intellectually deprived politician is the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan himself. But the height of intellectual depravity in a Pakistani politician is the Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary Hussain.

I am not trying to be demeaning. I am just sharing my opinion as truthfully as I can. 

As the President of Pakistan you took to social media platform – Twitter, and tweeted the following absurdity:

“Every passing day is becoming more dangerous for the Muslims of India. There is a BJP/RSS Modi planned stigmatization even in Covid-19. Arundhati calls it similar to that of Jews. The world should be warned that this a clear indication of a future genocide. World must prevent.”

Can you imagine! 

As the President of Pakistan you relied on a habitual liar, Arundhati Suzanna Roy and her interview in a European channel to cry wolf about BJP and RSS planning the stigmatisation of Muslims in India.

I come from the minority community. I am a Christian Minority. I have been labelled a minority by the laws in India. I detest the fact that I have to be labelled as a minority because I can never consider myself to be a minority in my own motherland. But since it defined in that manner, let us for the premise of this letter’s purpose follow the same chain of thought.

The Christian minority is fair less than the Muslims in India. The Parsis and Jains are far less than the Christians in India. 

Yet in India it is only the Muslim community that cries about human rights violations consistently. In most cases their cries actually turn out to be over-hyped ISI fuelled activities or politically funded drama to corner the ruling government perceived to be a Pro-Hindu government. 

Let me tell you this truth in spite of the fact that the current ruling government is considered to be Pro-Hindu. It is the Hindus who are demonised in India and globally.  

There has been a considerable rise in violence towards the Hindus. But no one talks about it. Only the Muslims in India have the copyright to play victims. It is a copyright Muslims use all over the world. 

Let me tell you another truth. Even amongst the Muslim community it is not all who cry ‘Muslims in danger’.  It is those that are fuelled by political greed and those fuelled by Islamic radical mindset. The brainwashing of Indian muslims by Islamic radicals funded by Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia is rampant in some parts of India.

Coming from the minority community in India. I can tell you without a doubt, that no minority lives under fear in India. It is a not a bigoted Islamic nation like Pakistan.

Prime Minister Modi is the Prime Minister of India and not of community based on caste or creed. It is difficult to comprehend this fact because in Pakistan other than Muslims, no other religious community is allowed to survive. 

Minorities live in fear perpetually in Pakistan. Asia Bibi is a classic case. There are numerous cases, you would not want to acknowledge openly.

The ethos of India is Sanatan Dharma. And in Sanatan Dharma your faith is your connect with God, it cannot and does not interfere with governance; which is actually the true meaning of secularism.

I do not know the ethos of Pakistan or whether it even has an ethos. 

Even now in the time of COVID-19, when compassion must be extended to all humanity; Pakistanis are targeting Hindus and Christians. 

It is sad that when a President of a Nation stoops to such low levels of ignorance and zero knowledge of facts on the ground in India. 

The President of India would not stoop to tweeting based of false propaganda and fake news.

I dare you to prove one case where the government, doctors, bureaucrats have treated an Indian as a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Sikh. To the Corona Warriors of India, they are all Indians and they will always be Indians.

Even after the Tablighi Jamaat (an organisation whose members have been linked to terror attacks in US and UK) foolhardiness led to a spike in COVID-19 cases in most states in India; Indians devoid of creed are working together to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, treating them as they should be treated – as Indians.

You do know Dr Alvi that the Tablighi Jamaat conducted a large congregation of over 3400 people at Nizamuddin Markaz at a critical time of social distancing. I personally opined that they should all be jailed for such callous irresponsibility that endangered the lives of many Indians. But that is not the view of the government of India.

Such is the care to not ostracise the Muslims in India that the government is not even uttering the world Tablighi Jamaat but calling it single-source. 

So when a liar like Arundhati Suzanna Roy talks about ‘Genocide of Muslims in India’. I am wondering on what mind-altering substance is she tripping on from Pakistan.

Arundhati Suzanna Roy in my personal opinion has an agenda. I am sure Pakistan has got a hand in her agenda because it is intriguing that a non-consequential author with perpetual hate for India gets your attention.

Nevertheless, your tweet only exposes the intellectual depravity that I often believe Pakistani politicians suffer from; I was hoping someone would surprise me, but that is going to only remain as a wishful thought.

In the meantime I humbly request you to deal with the serious minority concerns in Pakistan. Look after the Hindus and Christians. Don’t hate your minorities. Their religion should not be their identity; being a citizen of Pakistan is their identity. 

Stay safe. Stay home. But especially stay away from the hate-virus. Spread love. If as an Indian and as a human I could assist Pakistan in any manner during the COVID-19 pandemic. Feel free to write to me. 

Let not hate cloud our intrinsic human nature.

Act like the President of a Nation; not a juvenile troll on social media.

Jai Hind!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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