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BJP Yuva Morcha leader Pradeep Gavade arrested by Mumbai Police for criticising Sharad Pawar


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21st May 2021: Advocate and BJP Youth secretary Pradeep Gavade was taken into illegal custody by the Bandra West Crime Branch. Pradeep Gavade was arrested from his Pune residence in the morning and was later moved to Mumbai. Mumbai Police did not give him a notice, neither was he given a copy of the FIR. Only after being taken into custody nor was he shown the charges that he was arrested for.

Was Pradeep Gavade arrested for criticizing Sharad Pawar and grandnephew Rohit Pawar on Twitter or filing a case against 54 NCP (national congress party) workers?

There has been objection to the two tweets he had posted

1-NCP’s Chief Mosin Sheikh had put up a morphed picture of a Hindu God, which had PM Modi’s face put to it and was criticized by Gavade.

2-He shared information that was being displayed and shared on Ajmer Dargah’s website.

A case had been registered against Gavade under the following sections: 295A, 500, and 505/2 of the IPC, IT ACT 67 by the Mumbai Cyber Police. Gavade’s arrest came after he had registered a case against 54 NCP workers for abusing women and threatening to gang-rape women. Gavade said, “if anyone wants proof of the same, they can come and meet me personally; I will show all the proofs to them. My arrest is politically motivated, and on the behest of Maha Vikas Aghadi, the police should have given me a 421 notice. Big people are involved, and if the Pawar family is so scared, they should be playing GOTA in Govind Bagh”. He further added that he had anticipated a response from the authorities on his complaint against 54 NCP workers.

Is this what our country has been reduced to? Open threats to women and telling them that they would be gang-raped? Why don’t the masses question these politicians? Isn’t it time already to have a “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” for the politicians to make our country great?

Would Someone like Pradeep Gavade have had to be arrested in the first place if we had politicians who respected women and men? He raised his voice and complained about the NCP workers; why isn’t every individual motivated?

Gavade knew that he would be attacked, but he was not scared, he said. He witnessed a tremendous amount of pressure from the police. MVA minister Jitendra Awhad pressured the police to act against Pradeep Gavade. This incident should make us introspect that when will the police be free of the political masters? After all, politicians are public servants; however, parties like Congress, Maha Vikas Aghadi have been known for oppression and putting freedom of speech in danger.

After Pradeep Gavade’s arrest, massive support started to pour in for him on Twitter, and questions were being raised at the Maha Vikas Aghadi for their suppression

Pradeep Gavade is the same man who had also filed a case against anti-Hindu Sharjeel Usmani for using hate speech against the Hindu community at Elgar Parishad 2021 held in Pune. “Hindu Samaj of today is rotten to the core,” said Sharjeel Usmani. It is upsetting that someone like Sharjeel Usmani has a verified account on Twitter. Needless to say, Twitter has always been left-leaning and has been known to support radicalism. Is it not like someone is going to impersonate Sharjeel Usmani? I don’t think so. Neither is he a “good” influencer.

Amidst the arrest and questions being raised at Mumbai Police and MVA for arresting Pradeep Gavade, BJP/PM Modi’s supporters also questioned BJP for not being proactive. BJP leaders from Maharashtra have been demanding action against Sharjeel Usmani after Gavade’s arrest, also alleging that the arrest of Pradeep Gavade is politically motivated.

PM Modi has a massive following; people have expectations from Modi Ji; however, in recent times, people have observed that BJP’s approach has been casual towards taking decisions or even stop the fake news being spread on social media platforms or Bengal violence. The relaxed approach is making people lose faith in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Having said that, people do show their full support also to PM Modi-led government BJP.





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Shefali Kochhar
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