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BJP’s hatred is directed towards destroying Delhi: AAP’s Sanjay Singh


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On Friday, July 14, Aam Aadmi Party leader Sanjay Singh, addressed a press conference, regarding the Yamuna crossing its danger mark, and the situation of flood arising in the national capital because of the water Haryana discharged into the river.

Singh said, ‘Through the Hathnikund Barrage of Haryana, water can be discharged into the Yamuna flowing in Delhi, towards Uttar Pradesh, and also in Haryana through a canal. It would have been better, looking at the probability of a flood, if equal amounts of water would have been released into all the three places. This would have made sure that all the three, be it Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, or Haryana, would have stayed safe.’

‘But because of the hatred and ill feelings in the BJP, the party thought that no matter what happens, Delhi should be destroyed, release all the water in Delhi.’, he expressed.

Carrying the logbook record with him, Singh stated that continuously, since July 9 to July 13, the water which was going towards Haryana and Uttar Pradesh was stopped, and all the water was released towards Delhi. With the intention of causing floods in Delhi, so that Delhi gets inundated.

‘It is good that Delhi has Arvind Kejriwal’s sensitive government, there is a group of sensitive ministers, MLAs, councilors, and party workers, who are working to control the situation. Otherwise, with the situation of the water released being more perilous than it was back in 1978, and the Yamuna water entering the city, whole of Delhi would have been drowned.’, Singh said.

He further asked as to why the BJP is doing this, even when Delhi has 7 BJP MPs. And added that it would have been better if today, all of those 7 MPs would have asked the Haryana government to release water equally on all the routes, along with raising the question as to why all the water is being released towards Delhi.

‘Here too, people from UP and Haryana live. And if you would have released equal amounts of water in all the three directions, then such a scary situation would not have arisen. Haryana got inundated too, and the same happened with UP’s Noida. Because there is a 230-KM route of water, in which places in both UP and Haryana lie. So, if you release the water in one direction only, all the regions lying in the route will get immersed in water.’, Singh asserted.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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