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‘Cheaper marriage’ being used as pretext for conversion to Islam in Rajasthan’s Mewat’s Deeg district


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In the Deeg district of eastern Rajasthan lies a town called Kaman, and this region falls under the Mewat region, spread across both Rajasthan and Haryana. Mewat, no matter whether in Haryana or Rajasthan, is infamous for the notoriety of its Muslim population, religious violence, riots between Hindus and Muslims wherein the former are attacked or pelted stones at, by the latter, cow smuggling, and the religious conversions of the Hindus. Due to all this, Mewat has been titled, ‘Mini Pakistan’.

Now, it is being stated in local reports that a new gang has become active in the Kaman area, which, masquerading as ‘marriage registrars’ is converting Hindus into Islam, and sending them abroad. All this is happening by enticing poor, downtrodden, and marginalized Hindu families into a trap of ‘cheaper marriage’ for their daughters, wherein the families are asked to submit only 1.3 lakh rupees as ‘registration fees’, and in return, the fake registrars get the daughters married. But the catch lies here, the couples get married with Islamic rituals and are converted and sent abroad.

Speaking with GoaChronicle, Rameshwar Kalawata, Bajrang Dal Rajasthan State Convenor and Cow Protection Chief, said that recently, a meeting was organized by the Kaman Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, led by Kalawata and Bajrang Dal’s Sonu Gurjar. Kalawata said that reports have been received from the locals of the region that in the Kaman region, a gang is planning to execute a large-scale plan in the area, and while their activities are going on unabated, the local administration is keeping mum.

‘This gang gives the bait of a marriage for their daughters with lesser expenses, and then converts the bride and the groom into Islam. These people offer resources like motorcycles, land plots, tractors, and vehicles, to the parents of underage girls, then during the marriage ceremony, converts the couple getting married into Islam. Post marriage, these couples are sent abroad and the less-educated and unaware family members are told that sending their children out of the country will be beneficial for them as they will receive good remittances.’, stated Kalawata.

He further added, ‘It is being reported that this gang has connections with Pakistan’s ISI, and some members are connected with Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries, and receive funds from these countries to facilitate the conversion racket. Many political bigshots are involved in this gang.’

The leader of this gang is one Saikul Meo who belongs in the Nandera village of the Kaman police station area, and is currently living in his in-laws’ home, at the Neemla village in the Kaithwara police station region. He is currently running the activities of the gang from here. His partners are Aleem Sarpanch, resident of the Dharmshala village in Rajasthan, and Tayyab Sarpanch, who resides in Neemla as well. This duo entices people and sends them to Saikul Meo.

Apart from them, Yaseen, a resident of the Dhana village, has been running a similar gang which has the involvement of people with political backgrounds and many sarpanches.

Till now, these people have managed to trap the families of 8000 to 10,000 young girls, and thousands more are in touch with them. Each of these families has submitted 1.3 lakh rupees in advance.

Kalawata further expressed, ‘We appeal the government and the local administration to take some concrete action as this gang can also develop into a threat for the whole country. This gang should be investigated into, and legal action should be taken against its members. If this gang and its modus operandi is not probed into soon, Bajrang Dal will organize a larger meeting, and will carry out a protest demonstration, and the local administration will be responsible for the same.

‘Cheaper marriage’ being used as pretext for conversion to Islam in Rajasthan’s Mewat's Deeg district -

Bajrang Dal’s letter of appeal to the government of Rajasthan

While the local administration, media personnel, and policemen remain silent, the gang has collected crores and crores rupees and if this continues unchecked, the gang members are expected to fly out of the country, to their bases like those at Saudi Arabia, soon.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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