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Cong-CCP ‘MoU 2008’ emboldens Rahul Gandhi to praise China and insult India


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The rhetorics of Rahul Gandhi in the United Kingdom over the last few days are not the playful delinquencies of an immature adult prancing around as an intellectual global political leader but the carefully planned effort the denigrate India globally, praise China, and create a fear psychosis in the minds of Indians on the basis of religion and caste.

Rahul Gandhi aims to show the world that India is not empowered to compete with nations such as US, UK, and China. India is still a land of the oppressed under an Indian government. Therefore, Rahul Gandhi goes to the UK, a nation that for centuries oppressed India and made India slaves, to tell them to save democracy and save India.

Rahul Gandhi intends to provoke the Indian government to retaliate against him. But BJP is too smart to do such a Hara-Kiri. But that is not all, Rahul Gandhi intends. His international advisors in particular want to create a socio-religious-geopolitical conflagration for the Indian government. They want minorities based on religion and caste to feel unsafe and revolt. They want Kashmir to continue to burn thereby spreading the curse of Islamic radicalism and terrorism across India in pockets where Islamic radicalism is mushrooming. They want international media to continue to show India as an unstable nation thereby ensuring that economic growth stagnates and most importantly, they want India to go to war with Pakistan and China.

Rahul Gandhi’s goal is not to overthrow Prime Minister Narendra Modi to occupy the Prime Minister’s chair. His intent and that of his international advisors are more sinister. His intent is to give China an edge over India and in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a hindrance to that intention and plan. The broad strokes of the plan were laid down during the visit of Sonia Gandhi to China in 2007. It got strategized and finalized in 2008. She was then the President of the Indian National Congress and Chairman of UPA.

When Sonia Gandhi met with Wang Jiarui, Director of the International Liaison Department of CPC on 28/11/2007 during his visit to New Delhi: 

During that meeting according to ILD-CPC records: Sonia Gandhi told Wang Jiarui that after coming back from China she briefed her party on her visit and the developments and changes China has undergone. She affirmed that the Indian National Congress will continue its efforts to further promote the development of relations between the two countries through its friendly ties with the CPC. The two sides should look to the future and intensify their efforts to increase exchanges between the youth of the two countries, and enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, she said. She expressed her belief that the friendship between India and China will become a positive factor for the peace and prosperity of this region and the world at large.

On his part, Wang Jiarui said that the successful visit by President Gandhi has unfolded a new chapter for relations between the two parties and the two countries. We will go all out to implement the agreement reached by the leaders of the two sides, strengthen party-to-party exchanges, and inject new dynamism to the development of the China-India strategic cooperative partnership, Wang said.

GoaChronicle.com in its report published in the Year 2020, accessed the text of the report in English by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China Agency). The article appeared in Xinhua on June 29, 2011. In a report leaked out by Wikileaks – Global Intelligence Files. GoaChronicle.com accessed an email sent by BBC to Stratfor (Global Intelligence Agency) under the Email ID – 662942. Email subject titled: BBC Monitoring Alert – China. it reports the entire Xinhua interview of Sonia Gandhi.  In it, Sonia Gandhi confirms that: INC and CPC signed a Memorandum of Understanding during her visit to China in August 2008. One of the key components of that memorandum was a shared commitment to strengthen exchanges amongst the younger leadership in the two parties. The future beckons us to build what has the potential to become one of the foremost and most substantive relationships of the 21st century and one that is of lasting benefit to the people of both our countries. hose areas could include infrastructure building, inclusive growth, employment generation, and environmental protection, among other things. At the party level, I believe that we should foster greater cultural and social linkages, especially among the youth, even as we promote trade, investment at the national levels, and international cooperation on multilateral issues of importance to both countries and on which we can adopt a common approach,” she said.

On August 7, 2008, Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress (INC), and Wang Jiarui, Director, of the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the presence of the President of INC Sonia Gandhi who was also the Chairperson of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) I at that time, President of China, Xi Jinping who was then the Vice-President of China and Congress leader Anand Sharma.

An article by S Gurumurthy in The New Indian Express titled, ‘UPA policies weakening India and enriching China’ clearly exposes the benefits China got during the UPA regime. He stated:

The import of capital goods for USD 587 billion, most of which India could make in its own backyard, drained out a third of India’s GDP under the nose of the UPA regime. India’s imports from China were 13pc of the country’s total imports in 2006-7. It rose to 17pc by 2011-12. As the result, India’s trade deficit with China topped USD 175 billion in the last six years to 2012-13. The UPA was the architect of the huge deficit syndrome with China. India ran a trade deficit of $1 billion with China in 2001-2. By the third year of the UPA rule, it rose to USD 9 billion. Later it galloped to USD 16 billion [in the 4 years] USD 23 billion [in the 5] USD 19 billion [in the 6] USD 28 billion [in the 7] USD 39 billion [in the 8] and USD 41 billion [in the 9] aggregating to USD 175 billion or 54pc of India’s total current account deficit of USD 325 billion in the last seven years. The capital goods imported from China alone amounted to USD 150 billion-plus. India imported from China three times more than it exported to it.

That Congress-CCP signed the MoU is not a conspiracy theory. Sonia Gandhi admitted it herself in an interview with Xinhua Newsagency in 2011. Some Congress leaders have even threatened to drag me to court for raising the issue about the Congress-CCP MoU but it will not stop the questioning because if it was merely an exchange between two-political parties from two-different nations, then there should not be any reservations to making its public.

Rahul Gandhi signed the MoU with the International Liasion Department of CCP which is nothing but the foreign covert intelligence agency of the Chinese government.

In a report in 2016 by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission – Chapter 2 ‘US-China Security Relations there is brief attention drawn to International Liaison Department:

International Liaison Department of Communist Party of China is a covert intelligence agency according to global intelligence networks - International Liaison Department of Communist Party of China, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi


“Before the dissolution of the four general departments of the PLA, the International Liaison Department under the General Political Department of PLA was responsible for collecting foreign intelligence through networks of official and unofficial agents abroad. ILD agents used informal contacts with foreign actors to identify and investigate individuals and organizations to collect intelligence and expand China’s influence abroad.”

A Secret Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Document in possession of GoaChronicle.com titled ‘Intelligence Report – The International Liaison Department of the Chinese Communist Party’ released in 2007 by the US Government states: Organised geographically and working hand-in-hand with Chinese embassies in various countries, the ILD performed the task of finding, investigating and eventually supporting pro-Chinese groups. ILD pursued a patient, soft-sell policy providing funds to keep the promising groups active and offering political and organizational training. 

ILD of the CPC was a relatively obscure and clandestine brand of the party but today in its present status as an open, active participant in the implementation of Chinese foreign policy.

The Secret CIA Report shockingly reveals that ILD although a Party Department was off status comparable to numerous branches of the State Council (Government). Its primary responsibility was to maintain contacts with friendly Communist Parties in Communist-ruled countries and to find, nurture and develop pro-Chinese sentiment wherever it was found. In this capacity, it often worked hand-in-glove with overseas MFA personnel in the embassies. At the same time. it is clear from the available evidence that the MFA and ILD kept their functions carefully separated. ILD personnel were of a “higher status” and better paid than were those of government bodies because the ILD was a Party organization.”

Rahul Gandhi’s international tirades are not accidental but intentional. The intent is to give China a benefit. He might behave like a political fruitcake but the plans that he is acting out strategized by his international advisors are like a fruitcake laced with poison with the intent of poisoning the mind of Indians against true socio-economic freedom.

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