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Data-leak from military-run university indicates 640,000 COVID-19 cases in China

Wuhan: Data leak from a military-run university indicates that China is hiding the real figures of COVID-19 cases. 

The database leaked from the National University of Defence Technology in Changsha city, indicates that China could have 640,000 cases instead of over 84,000 positive COVID-19 cases.

The dataset of coronavirus cases and deaths were leaked to Foreign Policy and 100 Reporters.

According to Foreign Policy, “the school publishes a data tracker for the coronavirus: The online version matches with the leaked information, except it is far less detailed—it shows just the map of cases, not the distinct data.”

The leaked report states that there are more than 640,000 updates on COVID-19 covering at least 230 cities with a specific location and the time the data was gathered.

All the report updates contain the latitude, longitude, and confirmed coronavirus cases at the location from February to April. The data also includes deaths and the number of people who “recovered.”

While China has officially reported just 84,029 cases there is worldwide scepticism that China is covering-up the truth and is lying to the rest of the world.

The Chinese military data leaked to Foreign Policy and 100 Reporters could be the most comprehensive on the coronavirus outbreak in China to date.


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