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Dead bodies seen floating in Ganga & Yamuna

10th May- Dead bodies of over 150 people who died of the Chinese Virus were dumped in river Ganga, a Nagar Parishad city called Buxar in Bihar. The shocking visuals of dead bodies floating in river Ganga has sent shockwaves across the country.

According to the locals all the 150 dead bodies were dumped in the river and would eventually get washed down and can also be eaten by stray dogs which could further spread the Chinese Virus.

KK Upadhyay, Buxar Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) said “we don’t have any tradition of immersing the dead bodies in the river and we are making arrangements to cremate the bodies. Around 12 corpses that were seen in the river must have come from a distance, the bodies were floating for the last 5 to 7 days.” He also added that it’s a matter of investigation and they would be looking into the same if the corpses came from Varanasi, Allahabad or somewhere else.”

The Block Development Officer (BDO) Ashok Kumar from Chausa said, the corpses that gathered near Ganga River are likely to have come from downstream from different places. He further said, these bodies are coming from Uttar Pradesh and we have alerted the officials near Ghat areas in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again.’’

Reports also suggest that several corpses were bloated and decomposed as well, a few of them were seen on the banks near Mahadev and Simri cremation Ghats.

A resident of Chausa said, “the reason families are abandoning dead bodies is because the cremation price has gone up so high that they wanted to avoid paying Rs 16,000 to Rs 20,000 where earlier it used to cost between Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000. He further added that few bodies were seen tied with bamboos which clearly indicated that the bodies were abandoned.”

The District Magistrate of Buxar, Aman Sameer while speaking to the media assured that they have made all the required arrangements for the cremation of the respected dead bodies.

Officials from Uttar Pradesh Gamhar block of Ghazipur district are also on the spot to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The officials only took the matter seriously after the shocking video the hospital staff was seen throwing the dead bodies in the river. Is there no humanity left?

The water flow is faster and makes it easy for people to throw bodies in the river because the Ganges enter Bihar in a triangular shape.

The state has taken the responsibility to take care of the expenses that will be spent on the cremation and post mortem of all the bodies found will also be conducted.

The District Magistrate has made a generator set and current available at Mahadev Ghat.

However, the claim of over 150 bodies seen floating was dismissed by the Block Development Officer (BDO) Ashok Kumar. He said the reports in media are ‘highly exaggerated’.

After being alerted by local guards, the police reached the spot who said that they could see many corpses floating from upstream.

After the reports of the dead bodies floating in Bihar, The All India Mahila Congress did not hesitate to target the BJP. All India Mahila Congress went ahead to tweet the video of the corpses found floating around in Buxar, Bihar and further said that “This is how BJP is hiding the Chinese Virus fatalities.”

Check the tweet here:

Yamuna River: Partially burnt bodies found

It has been seen that many people living near River bodies are disposing off the dead bodies in the river in order to avoid paying high charges of cremation and a fear that the Chinese Virus would spread.

SP of Hamirpur told the media that many families have immersed their family members in the river as last rites and isn’t something new here. He further added they have also found two bodies that were partially burnt and has asked officials to be on high alert and keep a check in that area.

The residents had spotted five dead bodies out of which two dead bodies were partially burnt.

It is such a sad state of affairs that dead bodies are being dumped in the rivers, no last rites are being performed.

About a dozen of bodies were seen floating in Yamuna River allegedly died due to the Chinese Virus. The Additional Superintendent of Police, Anup Kumar Singh confirmed about the findings of the dead bodies floating in the Yamuna River, he also added that a police official who was sent to the spot had reported saying that the two bodies found were not from Hamirpur but were brought from somewhere around Kanpur in a Tractor.

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