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Dr Tedros why encourage US protests and not Hong Kong protests?


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That the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was and is politician is not a hidden fact. He was the Foreign Minister and Health Minister of Ethiopia before China rooted for him to occupy the position of the DG of the WHO.

But to openly encourage protests against racism in US and instruct protestors to maintain social distancing while protesting is overstepping the organisation’s job profile. I am not sure under what rules of the WHO does WHO have right to make such a statement, “WHO fully supports equality and the global movement against racism. We reject discrimination of all kinds. We encourage all those protesting around the world to do so safely. “

The police brutality in the US WAS a shameful and violent act. The murderers of George Floyd must be punished. People have a right to protests within the confines of the law of the land. But most protests turned out to be riots, arson and looting. The protests started off as a fight for justice and ended up as violations of law. This was not about racism in America, it was about anarchy.

It is preposterous that a global health body interferes in a political and social issue of a sovereign nation like the US. Encouraging protestors to protests safely is to impress upon the protestors that they can continue to protest unabatedly without fear during the time of a global health crisis but maintain social distancing and wear a mask.

I am dismayed at hypocrisy and duality of the support of Dr Tedros and the WHO on act of protests and the need for it to be done safely by protestors in the US because protests have been happening in Hong Kong too during the coronavirus pandemic. I do not recall Dr Tedros or another representative of the WHO making a similar statement; encouraging the people of Hong Kong to protests but protest safely or offering support to their protests.

It is clearly evident with each passing day that Dr Tedros is doing the bidding for China and President Xi Jinping.

Let me explain my reasons to believe why is it so in context to Dr Tedros’s questionable actions post US President Donald Trump’s decision to terminate US relationship with the WHO.

The first case is the flip-flop of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). The Lancet published a report by US firm Surgisphere which theorised based on its study that people taking HCQ were at a higher risk of death and heart-related problems than those who were not taking HCQ. 

It took the WHO only three days to arrive at a decision to drop HCQ from its global study into COVID-19 treatments temporarily. It did not verify the credentials of the group Surgisphere that put out the study.

I believe that the WHO wanted to checkmate the US President Donald Trump. It wanted to give a boost to China and pharmaceutical companies funding the WHO who were focussed on a new vaccine and the existing drug Remdesivir. You see Donald Trump was batting for HCQ. US even ordered 29 million tablets from India.

Then came the Guardian investigation that exposed the inaccuracies of the report and raised questions over the credibility of Surgisphere. The investigations exposed that Surgisphere could not be trust and it had questionable content authors – one a science fiction writer and another a a part-time adult content model.

The WHO and you Dr Tedros immediately spun into damage control because they were now caught on a sticky wicket.

Imagine one the most important medical study at a time when the world is engulfed with one of the worst diabolic health crisis is written by a science fiction writer and a porn star. It undoubtedly has got the be the most embarrassing situation for the world’s renowned global health body – the WHO.

So the Executive Group decided to rethink its earlier decision on HCQ and resume HCQ’s global study for COVID-19 treatments. No justification given for its dropping or resuming. Just normal diplomatic gibberish fed through media to the world.

And now comes this message encouraging protestors fighting against racism.

It is obvious that Dr Tedros sent out this message because the protests are happening mostly in different states in the US. If Dr Tedros or the WHO genuinely cared about all the health of protestors and all social causes in the world; then Dr Tedros should have issued a similar message of concern to those protestors protesting for their rights in Hong Kong against the brutal Chinese oppression but Dr Tedros did not and neither did any representative of the WHO.

The protestors in Hong Kong are fighting for democracy and against the tyranny of the Chinese government. Is that not a social issue for Dr Tedros and the WHO to encourage under the current health crisis? Should not a protest safely advice go out to the protestors in Hong Kong.

That’s the moot question. Why?

The answer is clearly evident Dr Tedros’s  actions are aimed at targeting US.

Dr Tedros and the WHO are merely acting on the instructions of China, it appears.

The protests have managed to create a tense situation in the US.

China has been speaking about the protests in US and about Black Lives Matter trying to corner US.  But China keeps quiet on Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I can understand China targeting the US and using the current tense situation in US to score political points.

But I cannot understand what has the WHO got to gain in their sphere of a health crisis to encourage protests of a social issue in the US and encourage them to do it safely.

WHO has no business commenting or advising on a social issue concern of a sovereign nation. And if it wants comment on a nation’s social concern, then why be selective in their encouragement to fight for a social cause.


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