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Expressions of babies in mothers’ wombs recorded for the first time


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With a study in Britain, the facial expressions of an unborn baby have, for the first time, been recorded by researchers. The study involved tracking the facial expressions of the babies growing in the womb of their mothers after the latter ingested something. A baby becomes aware of taste in the mother’s womb only, and the taste of the food the mother eats during pregnancy, impacts the baby’s taste.

In the latest study held in Britain, women who were 24 to 34 weeks pregnant, were involved. Interestingly, it was seen that the foetuses of the mothers who tasted a carrot-flavoured capsule, smiled. On the other hand, after the ingestion of cauliflower-flavoured capsules, the foetuses were seen making expressions like those of crying or screaming. The study recorded the difference in reactions of unborn babies of 100 pregnant mothers.

The researchers the Durham University gave 34 pregnant women powder capsules equivalent to 100 grams of chopped cauliflower, and 35 women were given carrot capsules, while 30 women were not given anything. With the help of ultrasounds 20 minutes later, it was discovered that most of the foetuses, after getting the taste of cauliflower, made angry expressions, and the foetuses whose mothers had the carrot capsules, were seen smiling. No special pattern was recorded in the foetuses of the mothers who did not have any capsule.

The mother’s food and behaviour impact the baby developing inside her womb, but it is the first time that foetuses’ expressions have been recorded inside the womb. Prior to this, back in 2001, a study had taken place, which involved the baby to be introduced to the taste of carrots through the mother’s milk, and the baby reacted less in comparison to other food items’ tastes. But obviously, this observation was concerned with a baby who had taken birth.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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