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Failure proves to be good for children, help them only when required


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These days, parents provide all the facilities to their children even when they are not required by the latter, and at the same time, pressurize their children to pass with flying colours. With such kind of a ‘helicopter parenting’, children are falling prey to tension and depression. But recent research has proved that failure is good for children.

David Anderson, Clinical Psychologist in child mindset says that failure is pretty common for children, but the habit of the adults of judging the kids without learning about their capabilities is making the children vulnerable to mental health diseases. Therefore, rather than being afraid of failure and bravely looking it in the eye, children are now being seen trying to steer clear of failure. As a result, adults should pay attention to reduce the children’s difficulties.

If a child enters their home with a paper written ‘fail’ on it, parents should spend some time with their kids, and rather than expressing immediately how their failure makes you feel or punishing them, parents should focus on learning about the thoughts of the child. Rather than focusing on what failure teaches, talking about how the child performed develops a fixed mindset. Parents should avoid the blame-game at all costs.

Do not lend a helping hand as a parent to resolve the struggles of your child at one go. If you see that your child is facing difficulties in preparing a project, or is proving to be incapable for the same, remain curious but observe from a distance until the child does not ask for your help categorically.

As per Anderson, it is crucial for young children for their parents to see when the child is trying hard, therefore, parents should avoid helping their children unknowingly for finding the solutions to the problems. Parents should wait for a while, and this will indeed prove to be helpful.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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