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For Islamic terrorism to end, Islamic radicalism must stop


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Terrorism is a horrific truth, that nations around the world must learn to accept and not hide behind human rights jargon.

Terrorism has different faces, but, Islamic terrorism is the most diabolic and brutal face of terrorism in the world today. Islamic terrorism is a maniacal outcome of Islamic radicalism.

Islamic radicalism is not a reflection of all the Muslims in the world today but it is certainly a reflection of a large number of Muslims who have by sins of omission or commission allowed Islamic radicalism to evolve into Islamic terrorism. More so, the silence of Muslims who do not follow the path of Islamic radicalism gives further fuel to fire up the brutal intent of the Islamic terrorists.

Seven days have passed since sane people around the world witnessed the insane behavior of Hamas and their cruel intent toward the innocent civilians of Israel. The brutal terror attack of the Hamas on children, women, and elderly Israeli civilians led to the death of 1300 innocent people and wounding 3400. The videos on social media and mainstream news channels around the were heartbreaking and exposed the diabolic nature of the Islamic terrorists. Such was the brutality that besides raping and killing women, the Hamas terrorists even killed 40 babies, some of the babies’ heads were decapitated.

Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization. Its attack on Israel was not an act in the interest of Palestine but it will work against the interest of Palestine. There is no doubt that there is a conflict between Israel and Palestine. Over the years both nations have tried to resolve their conflict but have failed to do so strategically and steadfastly. The attack on Hamas by Israel will now see the destruction of Palestine. Hamas has been for years using Palestinian children and women as human shields to thwart the attack from Israel. Even now, as Israel has unleashed its brutal vengeance over the Hamas terror attack, Hamas is taking cover behind the human shields of children and women.

The problem with the people of Palestine as it is with most Muslims around the world is that they do not call out or stand against Islamic terrorism. In fact, most time Muslims tend to support the Islamic radicalism ideology being fully aware that any support for Islamic radicalism can breed Islamic terrorism.

Islamic terrorism is a business. It is a business that is based on trepidation. It is the leaders of terror organizations that are the biggest beneficiaries of terrorism funding while the poor people who support terrorists and even work for their cause lead an average life with the angel of death hanging nearby and those who do not support the cause of the Islamic terrorists live a life of hell. Islamic radicalism has been over the years funded by Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iran, and Turkey in a clandestine manner. Arab nations such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq that have become victims of the impact of Islamic terrorism in their backyard have not prospered socially or economically when compared to Islamic nations that fund Islamic radicalism.

Ismail Haniyeh Senior Hamas leader worth USD 4 billion. Haniyeh, who became Palestinian Prime Minister after 2006 and is now the overall leader of Hamas, left Gaza in 2019. He is yet to return. He has reportedly registered most of his assets in the Gaza Strip in the name of his son-in-law, Nabil, and in the name of a dozen of his sons and daughters and a few less well-known Hamas leaders. Dr Abu Musa Marzook in Hamas is considered one of Hamas’s wealthiest billionaires. Arab sources estimate his wealth at USD 2-3 billion. Reportedly, the source of all his funds is donations from Arabic nations and wealthy Muslims. Another Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal. The estimates around the world of Mashaal’s wealth are currently worth around USD 2.6 billion. Most of the wealth has been accumulated Donations by the families of people who died, charity money, called zakala in Arabic, and donations from various countries.

While the Hamas leader amassed wealth, over the last 5 years, the Palestinian economy has basically been stagnating, and is not expected to improve unless policies on the ground change,” said Stefan Emblad, World Bank Country Director for West Bank and Gaza. “The Palestinian territories have been in a de facto customs union with Israel for thirty years, but contrary to what was expected when the agreements were signed, the divergence between both economies has continued to widen, with income per capita in Israel almost 14-15 times higher than in the Palestinian territories. Poverty rates are stubbornly high, as roughly 1 out of 4 Palestinians lives below the poverty line. Our report reminds all parties of the vital urgency to act to spur per capita growth, as well as to put the fiscal situation on a sounder footing,” added Emblad.

Islamic radicalism evolved into Islamic terrorism to spread the idea of ‘Islamic’ control over other nations around the world. Islamic radicals have been in constant war with the religious ideologies of the Western and European world as well as India. Terrorism is one of the most potent tools of the Islamic radicals to spread fear in the minds of the people. The other is through migration to other nations, especially the Western nations and Europe, and turning those nations into Islamic radical strongholds. Europe has faced the brunt of its liberal policies to provide a safe haven to millions of Islamic radicals coming to European nations as refugees and then after a few years turning into the oppressors of the European people of those nations.

The attack on Hamas by Israel is facing condemnation from several terrorist sympathizers in the Western world and even in India. Protests have been taken out in support of Palestine, most of whom fail to condemn the brutal terror attack by Hamas on innocent civilians of Israel. Islamic radicals are now mourning the death of people supporting Hamas in the Gaza Strip demanding justice but remaining gleeful mute spectators to the brutal murder, rape, and beheading of innocent babies, women, and elderly Israelis. Hamas is reportedly pleading with the United Nations to get Israel to stop its attack on Hamas in the Gaza Strip and some parts of the West Bank. Sadly, some other Islamic terror organizations like Hezbollah, and the Taliban, and nations such as Syria, Iran, and Qatar have come out in support of Hamas and Palestine. In fact, the Taliban wanted to join Hamas in its attack on Israel, and Hezbollah too is firing its rockets into Israel.

Islamic terrorism is the curse of a civilized society. There is no place for Islamic terrorism in a world of sanity. To put an end to Islamic terrorism, we must first put an end to Islamic radicalism. Devout Muslims with a clear sense of right or wrong from within the Islamic community from around the world must come together to fight Islamic radicalism and Islamic terrorism. The curse of Islamic terrorism is borne by silent Muslims first and then the rest of the world. Palestine will face the curse of the Islamic terror act of Hamas on Israel. The Palestinian economy continues to remain at high risk under a multi-layered system of Israeli restrictions on movement and trade in the West Bank, a near-blockade of Gaza, an internal divide between the West Bank and Gaza, severe fiscal constraints, and an unfinished reform program of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and several years of declining foreign financial assistance, now with Israel going to war with Hamas, Palestine because of Islamic terrorism will fall deeper into an abysmal pit.

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