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Hate-crimes against Hindus rise 1000% in the world


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The cases of attacks and hate-crimes against Hindus is on a hike all across the globe. As per the latest research conducted by USA’s organization, Network Contagion Research Institute, it has been determined that a record 1000% increase has taken place in cases of hatred and violence against Hindus. Joel Finkelstein, Co-Founder of the Network Contagion Research Institute, said that anti-Hindu memes, and an agenda to spread hatred and violence against Hindus are being made.

All across the globe, those behind spreading hatred against Hindus are power-yielding whites and Islamic radicals. It has been noted that crimes against Hindus have increased manifold during the last 5 years. As per Finkelstein, attacks and hatred against Hindus have increased in big countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada, and Hindu-phobia is being spread under a conspiracy. According to a report of FBI, attacks against Indian-Americans hiked 500% in the year 2020, and most of the attacked were religious Hindus.

On the other hand, Nikunj Trivedi from North America’s Hindu organization, COHNA, has stated that Hindus contribute to the development of any country they settle in.

Behind the attacks on the Hindu temples at Britain’s Leicester and Birmingham too, the role of a Pakistani jihadi gang has come to the fore. According to British secret agencies, Pakistan’s jihadi terror network is busy in spreading jihad in Britain and Europe. Pakistan’s terrorists are brought to Britain and then kept in the safe shelter houses operating in the madrassas. The jihadi network was made in Britain 30 years ago by Pakistani terrorist, Masood Azhar. The Al-Qaeda network was also responsible for the 2005 bomb blasts in London, due to which 56 lives were lost.

As per a report submitted in the British parliament, out of the population of almost 7 crores in Britain, 4% are Muslims, but still, Muslims’ crime rate is more. 18% of the criminals in British jails are Muslims. The report further reveals that while 2% of the total population of England and Wales are Hindus; not a single Hindu is locked up in jail because of committing a horrific crime. According to the latest census report of Britain, there are more than 14 lakh Hindus in the country, while around 11% are Pakistanis, and the total Muslim population living in Britain is 28 lakhs.

This year, more than 10 lakh illegal Pakistanis were sent back by Britain, and Britain was exerting pressure on Pakistan to take them back for quite a long time. In August 2022, strict action was taken. Currently, British secret agencies are looking for other illegal Pakistanis settled in the country. The illegal Pakistanis getting into Britain get involved in illegal activities along with Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, and Algeria, living in the country.


Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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