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Hinduism is a way of Life

Why this sudden outreach in educational institutions by some pseudo secular liberals to dismantle Hinduism? Why are you up in arms against a religion which has only propagated love for all?

Hinduism is not a religion; it’s a way of life. You may like it, you may hate it but you just cannot ignore the relevance of Hinduism in today’s day and age. The foundations of Hinduism are very strong and are built on the pillars of  peace, benevolence, brotherhood, gender equality and the one strength which makes the world strive and thrive- the all encompassing powers of compassion and inclusion.

We are living in turbulent times where the boundaries have shrunk and technology has beta by beta replaced human communication.
This is a watershed moment for the world. Everyone in this diverse globe has gone through the dreaded pandemic in their own way, lost their loved ones, and recovered using their inner strength and resilience.

The world needs to come together and connect the dots. We cannot go back to the medieval ages and fight over religion otherwise it will end up as a shadow battle of foolishness.

Education and a common sensibility can be the biggest healers during such trying moments and education needs to be used to heal people and communities and not as a wily and sly messenger to influence people’s minds with half baked information and fake narratives.

This is a battle between war and peace and we all know what survives in the end.

Let’s be the change you want to see.

About the Author

Shekhar Vijayan is an Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Founder & CEO of Shevins Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Social Activist, Global Citizen, Tv Panelist and an Author. He has entertained, engaged, motivated and inspired in events of all kind from corporate to community. He has also conducted workshops on storytelling and public speaking for schools, colleges and Entrepreneurs. The former has a gift of the gab and is deeply passionate about fighting against Red Tapism, Nepotism, bureaucracy and abuse of power. He is a patriot who believes in nation first and is reachable on www.shekharvijayan.com.


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