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Hindus fleeing from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur’s Kaman, Muslims attack Dalit wedding procession


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In the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, which falls under the Mewat region, is situated an old town known as Kaman. This is a town wherein Muslims are in majority, and just like all the other places where Hindus are a minority, they have been facing persecution at the hands of the Muslim majority here. The Kaman Vidhan Sabha region and nearby areas are nationally and globally renowned as the ‘Braj’ area, because ancient sites like the Bhamasur cave, Charan Pahadi, and Bhojan Thali. This place is also known for Lord Krishna’s life stories which took place here.

But in the current times, Zahida Khan, the Kaman MLA from the Indian National Congress, who is also the Minister of State in the Government of Rajasthan, seems to have only one agenda- to wipe out the Braj identity and history. As every day, she supports the anarchist Muslims of the region who want to put an end to the very existence of the Braj identity. And on the other hand, anyone or any group or organization which tries to protect this waning identity, is opposed and persecuted. They are being attacked with the intention of killing them, and false police cases are also being filed against them.

In the meanwhile, all the tortured Hindus of the region are not being protected by the administration or the police personnel as they are all hand in glove with the political leaders to provide cover-fire to the Muslims of the region.

Speaking with GoaChronicle on what is being faced by the Hindus of Kaman, Bajrang Dal member, Rameshwar Kalawata, said that even he has been attacked 3-4 times with the intention of killing him, and false FIRs have also been filed against him, but he has still not received the justice he deserves.

At every step, Kalawata is intimidated by the Muslims and keeps on receiving death threats, but alas, neither the administration nor the police do anything. Many land pieces which belong to Hindu temples in the area have been encroached by Muslims, including the family members of Zahida Khan. Attacks on and desecration of Hindu temples in this region is an everyday affair, with the administration remaining a stony silence on this issue as well. There is not a single month of the calendar in which a Hindu temple is not vandalized or Hindu land is not encroached upon.

Kalawata told us that in this region, a minimum of 100-150 cows are slaughtered daily, which the administration knows very well, and in Zahida Khan’s village too, 5-7 cows are slaughtered every day, and again, the administration remains silent. Just 3-4 months ago, in a village known as Nandera, a procession was being carried out by the Jatav community when those people were beaten by the Muslims of the area, they were browbeaten, and their women were eve teased. Their procession was blocked and the Muslims did not let the Hindus carry it out.

Just a day or two earlier, in the Solana village of the Kaman Vidhan Sabha area, a Hindu Dalit groom’s wedding procession was being carried out, and the people who were a part of it were carrying pictures of Lord Buddha and BR Ambedkar. This was when the procession was attacked by the local Muslims, the Hindus were beaten by them, and their pictures were destroyed. Blocking the procession, the Muslims attacked the Hindus with casteist slurs and told them that their procession will not be allowed to pass by them.

Another incident took place just a day or two back at the Mansa Devi Temple of Kaman, where there is an ancient lake, which, again, the Muslims are attempting to encroach. In the view of this, the local Hindus protested against the same but again, the Muslims took to violence and attacked the Hindus.

After this, the Bajrang Dal apprised the police about this, but startlingly, the Muslims then attacked the police personnel and even tried to snatch their arms. It is also crucial to note that police officers in the region have not been transferred for around 2-3 years, and those personnel who are involved in this ‘Muslim bootlicking’, are not asked to move out. Muslims of this region are involved in all sorts of crimes like murder and thievery. Shockingly, Muslim children who should be going to school are being trained to practice digital fraud, and, sitting in fields on broad daylight, are duping people online.

Daily, police personnel from other states arrive here to arrest Muslim culprits but the administration does not lend a helping hand to them. Schools in the area are being shut down, there are no teachers there, studies are not taking place, and those teachers who want to teach fruitfully, are abused and harassed. No teacher wants to work here. All sorts of crimes like cow smuggling, loot, murders, attacks, desecration, etc., are being carried out by Muslims here, and no action is taken against them. And while in some cases, FIRs are registered against the perpetrators as a mere formality when the police face pressure from the organizations like Bajrang Dal.

These criminals, who roam around scot-free, overtly intimidate the Hindu minority.

Now, anti-Hindu crimes and activities, supported by political leaders, the administration, and the police, taking place at the hands of Muslims are not startling at all. It has become categorically evident that in all the regions, where the Muslims start increasing their population and become the majority population, Hindus are persecuted and are forced to run away, be it Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala, Mewat, or innumerable other regions which are never talked about.

And while the Muslim community keeps on crying wolf and claims to be the so-called ‘minority’, in regions where they are a majority, and even where they are not, the Hindu-Muslim ‘bhaichara’ is maintained in such a way, where the Muslims are the ‘bhai’, and the Hindus are always the ‘chara’.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.


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