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Law against Extremism


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After Switzerland now Sri Lanka is the nation that has joined the queue of banning ‘Burkha’ wearing ritual in the Muslim community. Alongside, the nation is all set to ban more than 1000 Islamic schools to put an end to the increasing religious extremism.

Union security Advisor Sarat Veershekhar on Saturday went on telling in the press conference that looking at the national security, the government of Sri Lanka is at a firm decision to ban wearing a Burkha. He said he wrote an application seeking permission to the cabinet ministry on Friday and the ministry has permitted the same. Now only permitted by the Parliament is yet to be given.

Veershekhar said in the conference that wearing a burkha was never a compulsion for the Muslim girls and ladies but as it is a symbol of religious extremism nowadays, the ministry is sure on banning such rituals or coerced compulsions which is a threat to the nation’s peace and security. 2 years back in 2019 it was easter that was talked about when the churches and hotels were expedited massively and the nation which follows Buddhist ideology made an immediate decision to ban wearing burkha due to riots situations.

More than 250 people died in the tragic incident of 2019 and diverse emotions and suggestions were passed thereon. Many pseudo activists at that time went on telling this decision to be assaulting Muslim women’s rights of wearing a burkha.

Moreover, the government says that Islamic schools make a mockery of the regular national education system and cannot go hand in hand with the mainstream as one cannot open a school with their will and teach about only one religion and so the government is all set to ban more than 1000 Islamic schools across the state for it spreads religious extremism among certain communities which end up in creating havoc to national peace and security.

On the other hand, a poll conducted in Switzerland for the ‘burkha ban’ gained 51.21 % of votes in favor of a ban and it stated the clear majority to ban burkha in the nation. And with the majority votes, the government of Switzerland is all on its way to make a stringent law on it. Assumingly just a month ago the documents for such were been presented in the respective courts of law.

When at first people marched against the protest to ban burkha, the government thought of conducting a poll that can give a fair and natural answer to the unanswered questions. According to the law enacted in Switzerland, women are not allowed to move on streets covering their full face and is considered illegal from now.

The same footsteps are followed by Sri Lanka today to make the country prosper without having any dealing in course that end up in creating a chaotic situation.

While many other parties along with the Swiss people’s party (SVP) clearly states to have not mentioned the word ‘Islamic’ in its form. And yet the Lutyens media houses in Switzerland called it “Burkha Ban” and was propagated as against Islamic sentiments. Notably, Switzerland has a demographic dividend of approx. 86 lakhs comprising 5.2% Muslim population.

[author title=”Shreya Gohel” image=”http://localhost/gc2/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/20210127_014031.jpg”]Intern, Goa Chronicle[/author]

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