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Couple on a bike was abducted and the woman was gang raped in front of her husband on NH-90

The Baram region of Rajasthan on Saturday that is 13th March 2021 at 10 pm on NH 90 witnessed a gang rape incident. A couple returning home after offering their prayers to the nearby temple was stopped by an aged person with the other five along with him and abducted the couple. The husband was tied by the group of people with the saree worn by the lady and she was raped by the group in front of his husband that night.

As the incident took place the officials of the region SP Vineetkumar Bansal, ASP Vijay Swarnkar visited the crime spot and the investigation of the crime was taken to hand. The lady then was sent to the hospital and her husband was untied.

According to the sources, it is known that the couple was returning home after offering their prayers to the Balaji temple at Kamkheda district. It was late in returning home. The couple was going by bike on NH 90 to their village and at the same time, they were stalked by a group of people riding on two other bikes.

Around 10 pm the couple was abducted and was moved to the nearby farm on NH 90. Younger sister with the couple was stopped by the aged man who was a part of the alleged group.

On no return of elder sister and her husband, the little girl who was left on the roadside alone tried to seek help from the visitors passing through the road. She was helped by a truck driver and the whole incident was portrayed by her to the driver.

The incident was informed to the nearby police station and the search operation of the couple was taken at hand by the locals. The investigation started as soon as the police reached the spot and on searching, a woman was found unconscious behind the bushes. The man was also found with his mouth, hands, and legs tied with the saree of the lady (his wife). The abused lady was taken to the hospital.

The police officials said that report of the crime has been registered and few suspects are arrested based on the reports given by the victim under various IPC sections. The suspects even include brothers of her ex-husband. Other five suspects were arrested too.

Notably, the alike incident took place on 26th April 2019 where a couple was abducted in the same manner and the husband was beaten by a group of five people, and the wife was gang-raped in the Thanagazi region of Alwar. The man was even looted. Moreover, a porn video of the rape victim was shot and was made viral on social media. The incident was reported to the Thanagazi police station after six days of the crime on 2nd May 2019. Crime was a hot topic discussed during the year.

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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