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MoU approved- between India and the United Kingdom


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On Wednesday the Union Cabinet approved the signing of the MoU between India and the United Kingdom. Under this MoU United Kingdom and India have also agreed to a Global Innovation Partnership to increase the opportunities for more innovations in third countries as well.

Key points in the MoU:

MoU focuses on the fight against illegal immigrants that have no legal right to remain in the other participant’s country.

Multiple Entry Visas

Both India and United Kingdoms would be encouraging shorts stays from people actively contributing to the importance of the bilateral relations. Multiple entry visas with longer period of validity would be available only where appropriate.

After meeting the requirements of the relevant immigration laws and regulations, participants will be allowed entry for study which would include permitted work placements and vocational training. Both countries will provide students of each country with a long-term visa which would allow them to reside in the country for the duration of studies to a reasonable maximum period. The United Kingdom Government will disseminate information on opportunities tailored to Indian students.

The United Kingdom government will grant permission to students to stay in the United Kingdom for 2 years under the immigration laws. This includes skilled workers and those who would seek work or institutional experience after their studies. Students who have completed their under graduation, master’s program, and for three years who are completing their Ph.D. would be granted permission to stay in the United Kingdom.

As for students coming from the United Kingdom to India who would seek to take professional training in India would get permission to stay in India under the National laws and regulations of India.

Reports suggest, that PM Modi and Boris Johnson also discussed the urgent need of extraditing economic offenders like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya. Boris Johnson assured PM Modi that he was aware of the same and would do everything in his capacity to extradite these offenders at the earliest.

British High commission Alex Ellis said on Wednesday “the outcome of the summit between India and the United Kingdom has marked a transformation in the bilateral relationship as it paved the way to expand cooperation in a range of areas like investment, trade, and migration.”

The Trade partnership between India and the United Kingdom would give indirect jobs in both countries.

Enhanced Trade partnership (ETP) was launched on Tuesday by PM MODI and his counterpart Boris Johnson to set ambitious targets of more than doubling the bilateral trade between 5th and 6th largest economies in the world by 2030, said the Ministry of external affairs.

A statement from the Indian Government said “the MoU between India and the United Kingdom will be beneficial for Indian students, researchers, migrants for professional and economic reasons. Those willing to contribute would be taken into consideration for the development of both countries.”

A comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations will begin in autumn this year after the ETP (Enhanced Trade Partnership) was signed between both the trade ministers of India and the United Kingdom.

Global innovation and partnership between India and the United Kingdom
The Global Innovation and partnership between India and the United Kingdom aims to give opportunities to Indian innovators in other developing countries. The partnership was announced in the virtual summit between PM Modi and his counterpart Boris Johnson. Both countries agreed to increase the efforts to cooperate to develop new technologies.

GIP (Global Innovation and Partnership) would assist the participating nations in achieving their Sustainable Development goals and would focus on the same. GIP would be beneficial and effective in the e-marketplace for cross-border innovation. It would also help countries in exploring new markets.

MoU was signed by External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar and Preeti Patel, United kingdom Home Secretary in which every year upto 3,000 young Indian candidates could get employment opportunities in the United Kingdom.

Sandeep Chakravorty Joint Secretary (Europe West) at the external affairs ministry said “India never encourages illegal immigrants however it is our duty to bring back Indian nationals who are distressed or not getting citizenship and would also create opportunities for legal migrants.”

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