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Open calls of killings and beheading’s in the name of Islam


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In 1936, BR Ambedkar had said caste must be annihilated to rid Bharat of regressive social norms related to caste, Gotra, Class, Religion and Gender. Question is, if at all then why only in Bharat? Why not demand that of even the same in Muslim Dominated countries?

Mahant Yati Narsinghanad Saraswati

 Mahant Yati Narsinghanad Saraswati, a Patriot who has always stood up against radical Islamism has been in the news constantly ever since a 14 year old Muslim boy in Dasna Devi Mandir, Ghaziabad which is a Muslim dominated area, was allegedly beaten by Hindus for drinking water.

However, Ground reports reveal the truth behind what went down in Dasna Devi Mandir.

The entrance of the Mandir has a board that reads ‘No entry for Muslims’. A 14 year old Muslim boy was thirsty and that’s why he entered the Mandir however 20 meters away from the Mandir there is a hand pump. It is to be noted that anywhere inside the entrance there was no facility for drinking water. The drinking facility is seen to be about 500 meters away from the entrance and can’t be seen from outside. How did the Muslim boy not read the Board that said ‘No entry for Muslims’, to which his mother responded saying he is not educated and can’t read.

The question is when Radicals look down upon Hindus and Hindu dharma then why even enter a place of religion which is full of Hindu deities.

 Muslims Banned from Dasna Mandir

Muslims were banned from entering Dasna Devi Mandir eight years back for the following reasons-

All the Mahants previously were brutally killed, some were beaten and forced to leave by Muslims. A lot of thefts were also reported that happened in the Dasna Devi Mandir.

Mahant Yati also mentioned that a lot Muslims come to the Mandir to eve tease women. A head constable’s daughter was kidnapped by a Muslim boy ten years back and till now there’s no news of his daughter and the man is said to be in Mussoorie.

Another incident reported was of Aslam Choudhary’s (Vidhayak) son forcefully barged into the mandir and use to eve tease women.

How Muslims call out for killings and beheadings in the name of Islam

Hoardings calling out for the beheading of Mahant Yati Narsinghanand and Wasim Rizvi. One hoarding showed the head Mahant Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati severed from his body along with a decapitated body of Yati. The hoarding also had a beheaded Wasim Rizvi, Former chairman of the Shia Central Board of Waqf in Uttar Pradesh. Another hoarding had a dog and a child urinating on Yati and Wasim and demanded for Yati to be hanged.

The hoardings were removed after police took cognizance and filed an FIR. An investigation has been launched. Mahant Yati has been receiving constant threats and a large number of Hindus have come in support of Mahant Yati. It has been seen increasingly that Fanatic Muslims have been calling out for beheadings of Hindus for anything and everything in the name of Islam.

Delhi AAP MLA, Amanullah Khan openly threatened Mahant Yati with beheading. Also said he will cut his tongue too.

In a special interview where Savio Rodriguez spoke to Mahant Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati. Mahant Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati stated that his life is in danger but he will continue to fight for society. He also said ‘Islam is a danger to all religions in this world and there has been no reformation in Islam for 1400 years and it has gotten more dangerous’.

In another interview, Mahant Yati revealed that a panchayat was held of five thousand people only to discuss the killing of Mahant Yati. Chairman of AIMIM, Vidhayak, BJP Netas were all present.

Few incidents reported

Mahesh Kolli a 14-year-old minor Hindu Boy was murdered by the family of a Muslim girl with whom he was friends. The killers chopped off the boy’s private parts and nose only because of a close relationship with a Muslim girl.

Around 5 pm on 25th February, villagers found a sack floating in the Bhima River.

A 4 year old girl was raped by a Fanatic Muslim man who was the neighbour of the girl and the police pressured the family to stay quiet about the same in Telangana during the Bhainsa riots.

Ahmad Shah, a 68-year-old Fanatic Muslim raped 30 dogs for his pleasure. Said ‘he feeds them and provides them with their needs and can do anything he wants with them in Mumbai. The video of the same went viral.

In 2020, French School Teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded By Radical Islamists for showing a cartoon of Charlie Hebdo that had mocked Muhammad. The Indian Muslim Body condemned the murder, said ‘Islam doesn’t allow the killing of people. Sadly Muslims slammed France instead of calling out the beheading.

There is no doubt that a Lobby is hell bent towards appeasing only Muslims and always tries to demean Hindus by putting Hindus in a bad light and portraying Muslims as the victims.

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