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PM’s Message: Tyajyam Na Dhairyam


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Amidst the incessant rise of Covid cases, Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday evening, boosted the morale of the nation in withstanding the Corona second wave. In his 20 minutes speech, the PM touched upon every subject, from the prevailing situation of Covid in the country to India’s vaccine drive against it, and from Covid-safety protocols to what our festivals teach us about it.

Beginning by offering condolences to those who have lost their loved ones to the pandemic, Modi Ji emphasized the fact that he feels their pain and stands with all the countries like one family would. The PM also lauded and thanked our frontline workers, starting from doctors, medical staff, and paramedics to janitors, security forces, and police personnel saying that they have put their lives at stake to ensure the safety of others.

       “Tyajyam na dhairyam!”

Quoting from ancient Sanskrit scriptures, he also focused on the need for patience in these perilous hours and called for the nation to not lose courage. The PM also appealed to citizens to stay resilient and stand strong with Covid warriors, saying that even though the second wave has hit the country like a storm, every step in the right direction counts.

Speaking about the necessary infrastructure, he said the sudden increase in oxygen demand is being treated with sensitivity and caution. Oxygen production and supply have been ramped up with the establishment of new oxygen plants, diversion of the same from industrial sectors to the medical sector, and oxy-rail machinery. Similarly, more and more Covid Care Centres and hospitals are being set up and the number of beds is being increased as well. Shri Modi also praised India’s robust pharma industry and mentioned the rapid production of pharmaceutical equipment and medicines.

The PM went ahead to commend the country’s scientists and research teams for being able to come up with the two most economic vaccines in the world. On a day when Bharat Biotech has officially become the largest producer of vaccines in the world, he also spoke about how India has initiated the largest vaccine drive with 12 crore doses having already been administered. The fact that further vaccine approval and regulation have been fast-tracked will only add to this mission in the future.

19th April had seen the liberalization of vaccination in India when it had been announced that anyone above the age of 18 can receive the shot from the 1st of May. Labelling this decision as an attempt for the economy to be least affected, Shri Modi requested migrant labourers to stay put wherever they are and appealed to state governments to take this workforce into confidence and make sure that they are rapidly and properly vaccinated. He also mentioned that free vaccines will continue to be provided in government hospitals for whoever may require the same.

At a time when every person is busy blaming another for the spike in infections, Shri Modi expressed his praise and gratitude towards his citizens for standing through this storm with utmost bravery. He said that the last time we had won the fight even though we had nothing. This time when we have successfully developed Covid-specific infrastructure and expertise; we have ample PPE kits, lab networks, and testing kits as required; we have succeeded in bringing down the mortality rate, we are sure to emerge triumphant in this battle yet again.

He also saluted NGOs, social activists, and individuals working in the said direction for being one of the leading warriors and lending their hands to anyone who might need help. He further requested the youth to form committees in their respective neighbourhoods through which they can at least spread awareness among the masses. Directly addressing his beloved ‘Bal Mitras’, he said that the contribution of kids in the Swachhata Abhiyan had been invaluable, and the same is required from them this time as well. He asked kids to take an active role in this fight against the pandemic and create a positive and aware atmosphere in their homes.

For the media, his only message was to stay committed to their duties. He asked the media to continue spreading awareness regarding the pandemic and contribute to curbing fear-mongering and rumours.

Putting an end to a lot of speculations, Shri Modi said that we must save the country from another lockdown, having seen the effect it can have on the economy and livelihood. He also instructed states to treat lockdown as a last resort and concentrate on micro-containment instead.

       “Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram teaches us to stay modest and dignified, while the holy month of Ramzan propagates the lessons of self-control and discipline; both of these are a must in our fight against this pandemic.”

Taking a leaf out of the essence behind the most significant festivals of two of the major religions in the country, the PM reiterated the need to adhere to Covid protocols. He reminded the country of the mantra, Dawai bhi, kadai bhi’. And requested the citizens to not only abide by the necessary rules and regulations but also get vaccinated as and when eligible. He wrapped up his message by reaffirming that with courage, resilience, and discipline this is a battle we are surely going to win.

PM Modi’s address was preceded by several meetings with chief ministers, governors, central secretaries, doctors, and the pharma giants. The address came immediately after a meeting with Union Cabinet Minister for Home Affairs, Shri Amit Shah. With per-day infections scaling towards 3 lakhs and several states heading towards lockdown, Shri Modi’s encouraging speech in these desperate times has been received with much appreciation and positivity.

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