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US President offered to meet Russian President


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Biden calls Vladimir Putin a killer and says he will pay the price soon. Biden was addressing the U.S report which accused Russia of meddling in U.S elections in 2020 where on being interviewed Biden was asked if he thinks Putin was a killer on which Biden replied Yes ,I do and you will see shortly the price he is going to pay. Of course, it did not go well with Moscow. Kremlin demands an apology from Biden.

Intelligence reports direct that Vladimir Putin made efforts to help Trump win in the 2020 elections, as well as in 2016.

Russian Embassy called up the Russian Ambassador to the US for consultations of the future relations between the US and Russia.

It takes one to know one is what Vladimir Putin had to say to President Biden’s remarks and calling Putin a Killer.

Putin is considered to be untouchable in the political landscape. Even his critics do not level any allegations against him, they direct it to the government.

A phone call made by Biden to Putin where the white house secretary Jen Psaki emphasized that the conversation was about Arms control, global issues, Iran’s nuclear program, Afghanistan, climate change, and emerging security issues. This was the second telephonic conversation between Putin and Biden since January.

The Kremlin said, both sides expressed readiness to continue dialogue on the most important areas if ensuring global security. Kremlin also stated that Biden proposed a summit but did not say if Putin agreed.

Biden however also made it clear that they will take firm action if it’s about National interests such as Russians doing a cyber-attack on the U.S as the Intelligence report stated.

In recent weeks, Moscow has increased its military presence along the Ukrainian border sparking concern in the west of budding military conflict between the two neighbouring countries.

The Ukrainian government said 4 of its soldiers were killed by Russian shelling in Donbas in March. Moscow has denied that it has forces in eastern Ukraine.

The Biden administration said that they were engaged in discussions with NATO allies about the ongoing increasing tensions between Ukraine as Russia has increased its military presence near the country’s border.

This year, Russia has moved thousands of its combats ready troops to its border with Ukraine. It is the largest such movement since Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Russian Defence Ministry said that they are conducting more than 4 thousand military drills this month to inspect the readiness of its forces.

The kremlin warned NATO not to get involved in the situation in Ukraine, accusing alliance members of turning the country into a ‘Powder keg’.

Russian Defence Minister, Sergey Shoygu responded saying, the troops were deployed near Ukraine’s Border for a combat training exercise in response to NATOs military movements. He said exercises would finish in 2 weeks.

An intelligence report suggests released by the Director of National US Intelligence that Russia would likely continue to employ a variety of tactics this year to undermine the US government and international alliances, one of those tactics could include destabilization efforts against Ukraine while settlements take and low-level fighting continuously. However, the 27th page suggests that Russia does not want a direct conflict with US forces.

During the previous US-Russia summit, Putin met with then US President Donald Trump in Helsinki. Trump called Russia, China, and the European Union ‘Foes’ the night before the summit began. Trump’s comments led German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to say European Union could no longer rely on the US.

Meanwhile, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto has offered Finland as a host country for a meeting between Biden and his Russian counterpart Putin, Niinisto’s office said on Friday 16th April 2021.

The readiness of Finland to organize the meeting has been presented to both Washington and Moscow. Australia also offered to host the world leaders and the country’s foreign ministry told AFP on Friday that both sides are aware of our readiness to host a meeting.

If Biden and Putin meet, it would be the first such summit between the Nations since 2018 and the first since Biden became President.

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